Well “Fan me off I’m Hot Hot Hot” pulling up just in time! Elon Cis’slur Musk (The bird app owner as of October, 2022) has decided during PRIDE month to announce moves towards suspending accounts who repeatedly use the word “Cis and “Cisgender”. Both words are seen as a form of “harassment” and a “slur” on Twitter. Yes, that is correct. If you are a person who identifies with the gender you were assigned at birth, sugar foot i’m afraid to inform you that you will be considered a slur and form of harassment. On top of suspension, actions towards your account can be taken even actions that will misgender you on purpose? I’m “confusion!” and this whole mess I cannot make up. This past April, Twitter secretly removed a policy that protects people who utilize pronouns why? Because Musk likes to contradict himself, remember when he first acquired Twitter he tweeted the platform “Believes in free speech”? 

Moving along to the far right wing side of Joe Biden’s internet, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) blurts out interjections in chambers that “Cis-Gender doesn’t even exist because there are only two genders”. But Greene WAS the one who said “Trans Women don’t identify as women” “You’re standing up against men, who are really just a bunch of perverts, in your locker room and your bathroom because listen, they want to have sex with you – that’s why they’re in there. That’s real”. Look this isn’t her first offense, blurting out nonsense that makes complete no sense. So let’s check the board 1 for cisgender does exist and 1 for it doesn’t exist. One can see many articles written by HRC and ACLU detailing how the myth of trans people using the bathroom that aligns with their identity in order to prey on children and adults is a false guise to harm.

Chyle and to make things worse Voldermort’s Suga momma has landed an appearance. Yes JKKK Rowling has made yet another captain save-a-joe attempt to stand on her TERF values, this time in support of Twitter’s Billionaire landlord. The Blue Checked account tweeted “Cis is ideological language” and continues to call the word “Jargon” ohh so we are seen as professionals now, we have JARGON folks! Now let us not remember the 4,000 worded manifesto written by Rowling back in 2020 which mocked and dismissed transgender people. To make it even sweeter, she stamped it with her “TERF Wars” signature of approval. The children read and dragged her to where she now stays “In her own little corner, In her own little chair” wishing she could go to the ball with the rest of the kids. How can someone pen a world that has lived for over 25 years in one vision but all of a sudden you want your readers and followers to uphold something that contradicts this world you’ve created? Your pointed hood is a bit crooked Cis. And to Musk, Greene and Rowling I say Shut up fools, not during Pride month, or ever.

Written by: Libra Davis