And the attacks on Trans athletes continues

As of January 1st, 2022, Trans athletes and people with medical conditions which require hormonal treatment. This rule book update is one made by the United States Powerlifting Association which prohibits the use of any hormones in tested competitions.

It’s interesting how all of these changes are taking place in the sports arena around trans athletes! Last week we covered the news around the requirements for trans swimmers and look at this. I must point out that this update was made prior to the requirements set by NCAA but it’s all the same, they said they were going to listen to the science but I guess that’s changed.

The first rule that has language about trans athletes is rule 1.8.28:

“Transgender athletes are not eligible to compete in the drug-tested division and must compete only in the non-tested division.”

And this is rule: 1.8.19 (which is the language justifying rule 1.8.28)

“The USPA/IPL does not allow any therapeutic use exemptions. This means no lifter using  any hormone, regardless of medical necessity or choice, or other banned substance (see sec. 12), is allowed to compete in the drug tested division.”

They also made a statement saying

“The USPA doesn’t make a distinction between transgender or non-transgender athletes in non-tested competitions. Everyone is welcome to compete in the USPA and will be held to the same set of rules as stated in our rule book, whether lifting as a male or female… The USPA welcomes all lifters and will always do our very best at all times to accommodate all members.”

Although we’re only in February there’s already been a victim to this rule book update and that’s Angel Flores. 

Flores 22 years old trans weightlifting competitor is the USAPL Gold medal winner in the MX Division. 

Note the MX Division was created by the USAPL, which allows athletes of different gender identities to compete.

Flores took to social media and posted a video on her instagram (link) 

Saying “This was going to be my very first meet alongside my cisgender peers.” Please watch the video to hear fully what she said.

You see all we’re wanting as trans folx and especially trans athletes is to compete alongside our CIS peers! 

USPA Texas reached out personally to Angel and invited her to compete as a guest lifter.

 And Flores did her thang! 

Squat: 189.6 kg (418 lbs)

Bench Press: 109.7 kg (242p lbs)

Deadlift: 199.5 kg (440 lbs)

Total: 499 kg (1,100 lbs)

Congratulations to Angel although she couldn’t compete against her CIS peers she stilled killed it and represented for the trans community! Angel you’re an inspiration and have so much ahead of you so keep being you! 

Please follow and support Angel here’s her Linktree

Prostitution is a FELONY in Houston!

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, Texas is ranked No. 2 in the nation in reported sex trafficking cases. In 2020, the state Department of Public Safety reported that approximately 1.8 million online commercial sex ads were posted and over 300,000 were suspected to be children.

As of Sept. 1, due to recent changes approved under HB 2795 makes Texas the first to make solicitation of prostitution a felony! According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, Texas is ranked No. 2 in the nation in reported sex trafficking cases.

During a press conference with a large police presence, elected officials and local media gathered off the track in front of one  of the multiple orange signs posted all up and down Bissonnet.

Council member Pollard said the problem was brought to his attention several months ago in a letter from a young girl who attends school in the area.

“She said it bothered her to leave school and see prostitutes walking up and down the street,” said Pollard. “She questioned if I cared about the area. That letter really touched me and I vowed to my staff that we make this issue a priority.” Looks like he did just that! He joined forces with other elected officials, law enforcement and area businesses that had been affected by the prostitution in the area.

Council member Pollard said that in order to make an impact we gotta hit the money! Charge the Johns and they’ll stop. 

Although the felony charges aren’t aimed towards the sexworkers it still affects them in multiple ways as for many sexworkers, sexwork is for survival! The “plan” has multiple components like a larger police presence, possible felony charges for the John’s, cameras recording activity but most importantly the lowered activity from the John’s. 

We reached out to a Black trans woman that works in the area to see how it’s impacted her making money. “I don’t think it changed much for me, I just moved to another track and now the dates call me instead of riding around.”

Although I can see how this bill HB 2795 will possibly slow down sex trafficking in the area I totally see how it will make life a lot harder for a sexworker that works the Bissonnet track. Just know that if charged with the felony it could be punishable of up to two years in jail.