Y’all it’s chili with no crackers outside! Miss December has arrived and wants us to know she may not call the Dairy Queen dessert into the chat, but you will know what brick means. Time is of the essence. Pick your head-turning shiny garments for the living room ball drop and bring in 2024 as the baddest one you know.

The time is now to reexamine your goals and celebrate the small wins. Be serious with yourself but keep in mind the wisdom of time. No need for hasty transformations. Just be yourself but change the recipe.

Being yourself is the key I tell ya. Nobody can ever say you were never real when you have shown them who you are and what you stand on. This week, I return full circle to one of the topics I left open when I briefly mentioned nonbinary gaymer SonicFox. 

Brows were raised when rapper Waka Flocka’s team made commotion about signing the 25 year old pro to their esport organization, Nobï. The social posts were giving pushy vibes. Team Nobï wanted to make waves in the fighting game community. However, Waka’s endorsement of he-who-shall-not-be-named-but-by-the-color-orange, indeed posed a serious conflict of interest. 

Yes, folks can game together and have oppositional views. But endorsing someone who campaigned on eradicating you and your communities is not a mere difference of opinion. It has real, life-and-death consequences. We know the saying, “All money aint good money.”

Nobï Founder and Co-owner Fashun Rivers has since been leaving SonicFox on read regarding payment for the 1v1 against Waka Flocka a few months ago. Everyone knew how this match would turn out and it was the blindfold win that gave us the gag.

Unfortunately, Rivers only paid SonicFox half of what was owed. Rivers rebuffed SonicFox’s request for him to check his Discord, tweeting simply “Go Live.” In the public fallout, SonicFox has been vocal about refusing to join Nobï due to Waka tweeting with his whole chest. Rivers had a lot to say. If you read all of it you may catch his statement about how the company does not endorse any particular party. Can you see 45 at a gaming tournament surrounded by furries? Better yet can you see furries for Trump? Yea say with me, Shut Up Fool.