Happy New Year! For clarification, I did turn to my good friend Googleisha and ask her on average when everyone stops using the greeting. We are confidently within the average of 10 days. I recall one year when Happy New Year was sprinkled like parsley throughout January. By the end of the month, though, I was already preparing for the many upcoming displays of foolery from tone-deaf million-dollar corporations “celebrating” Black History Month.

The new year will always be marked by an initial moment of silence for those who didn’t make it with us. So far, I have been silent for six moments. I’m a bit more squishy when it comes to our trans siblings, with a heavy concern for femmes– a majority of whose passings are related to trans-amorous homicide. Shy of the new year, our communities lost two great people who brought many friends, loved ones, and colleagues together in their honor and memory. To the families, friends, and loved ones of Jesse V. White and Lexus Walker, my sincerest condolences. Sir J Viviano and forever Madam Kappa Iota Sigma, rest peacefully.  

I love to burn nag champa incense throughout my day. The powdery notes help clarify thoughts and clear unwanted negativity. I keep a window cracked that expedites the departure of bad and welcomes the good. And the foolery from this week definitely merited a few.                           

The Color Fool would make quite the title for the 41-year-old Boosie who was once again offended by someone’s happiness– this time it’s not Montero or Zaya Wade who caused the offense. Movie time was cut short as Mr. Badass walked out of The Color Purple in protest with his young daughters. Apparently, Shug Avery and Ceile’s consensual kiss is what sent the rapper over claiming, “a rainbow emoji” narrative was being pushed by the scriptwriters. Maybe because it wasn’t “Two redbones kissing in the backseat” he wasn’t relaxed? Boop Boop the call is coming from inside the house Boosie. Check on Poison Ivi, read The Color Purple, and take a break from spamming the internet with your anti-LGBTQ grievances.

Mainstream media has normalized Black trauma across different mediums, yet expressions of Black love can still incite such outrage. These patterns perpetuate “standard” depictions of broken heterosexual relationships in Black families, and that is damaging for Black people within and outside of the LGBTQ community. We can sit through abuse, misogyny, and assault but will use faith to combat expressions of love? What becomes of the person who loses so much in the fight for one’s peace and sense of self that they will cast aside others’ humanity?  

I see this character arc not being wrapped anytime soon. I also found it interesting The Color Purple was published the same year Boosie was born. 

The first “Shut Up Fool” of 2024.