Submission Guidelines for TransGriot

TransGriot is named for the work of Monica Roberts, a journalist, archivist, and pathbreaking trans activist. An unapologetic Black trans woman, she documented trans histories and amplified trans voices when few outlets were willing to share our stories. Following her lead, TransGriot provides a platform and gathering space for trans people—particularly, trans people of color—to exchange ideas, speak our minds, and find and foster community.

We welcome opinion pieces, researched articles, personal essays, critical commentary, and/or explorations of trans histories. We’re particularly interested in the unique perspectives that trans people of color bring to current events/politics, history, culture, sports and everyday life. Submissions should be complete and between 500-1,000 words. 

To Submit:

Submissions and questions should be sent to If you do not receive a response within seven business days, please do follow up.