It is time for the newsmakers to anoint the recipients of their coveted “of-the-year” (OTY) superlatives– not to be confused with GOAT (greatest of all time). I took a lot of time to weigh this year’s many competitors and their antics, but something kept me coming back.  

2023 did serve us some hot brews, from the usual politicians and influencers to musicians and gamers. While some results are mostly expected, others invited the wrong gowrl to the chat.

Last week, we reviewed some of the memorable deeds our awardees submitted for consideration. It’s safe to say that the class of 2023 would have some interesting quotes for their yearbook. From Trump to Ne-Yo (that should read Waka Flocka), everyone would have something to contribute.

Right-wing conservatives left no cards unshuffled yet dealt bad hands. We saw censures, expulsion, and oustings. All efforts to clean house, one could argue, but a certain somebody still roams the campaign trail and could use some c-e-o attention.

To me, “of the year,” means that this recipient bested all others–that their foolery unequivocably trumped (if you will) the behaviors of their competitors.

Speaking of our expected frontrunner– the Cheeto Guy. This year included the removal of his name from ballots, finally his concession to losing the election, and public acknowledgment that he caused an insurrection. Still, this was not enough to hold his “Shut Up Fool!” winning streak. The criminal repercussions are unfolding, and after so many indictments, we’re not surprised anymore.

There’s still another fool left standing. George Santos, or Miss Kitara Ravache, infiltrated the government and later faced expulsion. The sheer audacity merits “OTY” status. Probably not what people meant when they said, “Lie on your resume because they will train you.” This challenger has dethroned Trump à l’orange, as we would never see the same caliber of entertainment from the repeat “Shut Up Fool.”  

We confidently crown George “Kitra Ravache” Santos as “Shut Up Fool” of the Year. George did his criminal job so well but couldn’t maintain the coverup career. NBC reported that Santos introduced about 40 bills while serving 328 days of his term, and not one bill was voted on, passed, etcetera. Showing up to work all fab but can’t get the work done because you lied about what you know and where you learned it from. 

So let’s throw some glitter and sound our noisemakers! Shut Up Fool!