Another hot week and miss temperature doesn’t like to play alone. The storms that accompany this 90 degree plus weather are loud and soothing. I’m able to acquire some much needed rest so I will not complain. Let’s see who else may have benefited from the storms if they would have taken a nap with this week’s “Shut Up Fool”. 

Judge Reed O’Connor has attempted to strike down the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for some time. The right wing Bush appointed villain saw success in march when he overturned one of the most critical parts of the ACA. Insurance companies are not required to pay for preventive care leaving a lot of Texans without access to resources on a range of concerns from cancer screenings to PreP. Fast forward to present day, there is an outbreak of congenital syphilis which can make a person more susceptible to contracting other STIs. Judge Reed is not a public health official and clearly doesn’t see the importance for Texans to have access to the resources that prevent these communicable transmissions. What would he do and say when reports reveal an increase in new HIV cases? 

Trans folks are already having a hard time with anti-legislation being thrown around with no regard to decency. Tennessee has sparked some indecent feelings when it comes to your personal and private medical records. Imagine folks not wanting you to exist living in your truth yet they FEEL it is within their rights to acquire your medical records keeping tabs on all care even if you leave the state. Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s example of seizing trans folk’s medical records has encouraged a total of 19 attorney generals to sign a proposal to the Biden Administration expressing rights to investigate information regarding out-of-state abortions. It’s hard enough for a regular person to acquire their own records but you will expedite those records so you can attempt to prosecute women for seeking reproductive care after you’ve placed a statewide ban? All records especially in: Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, and Kentucky are seizable if you are a woman and resident of those states. Yes, even if it’s legal, your state will attempt to make it illegal. The most confusion comes from other women attorney generals who find this ok, ahem Lynn Finch

Honorable Mentions

Jason Aldean 

Lyrics to new song “Try It in a Small Town” pointed at Black folks but even if thats not the case, the location and imagery from the songs video depicts where known lynching has occurred. 

● Republican Eli Crane 

Referring to Black people as “Colored Folk” in chambers ○ Joyce Beatty (Ohio) speaks out against his foolishness (way to go sista)

● Charlie Kirk 

Mocking Michelle Obama, Joy Reid, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Ketanji Brown Jackson. Believes they “Do not have the brain processing power to be taken seriously”, so they “Stole a white person’s spot” due to Affirmative Action.

Written by: Libra Audacious (she/her)