The Gheys are infighting again.. Far right wing anti-lgbtq+ group “Gays Against Grooming” has seen a decline in membership due to its founder heavily aligning with Ron DeSantis following the rereleasing of an anti-gay video right after the SCOTUS ruling on business being able to legally refuse services to LGBTQ+ patrons. The GAG on “G-A-G” is their open willingness to call out hypocrisy while displaying anti-LGBTQ+ behaviors. I mean it’s pretty on brand right? Founder Jaimee Michell took to twitter attacking Caitlin Jenner in a very unseasoned gayish read with receipts in an attempt to call out HER hypocrisy however, the same message made it appear ok to misgender Jenner with references of s/he. Now miss “@thegaywhostrayd” you speak as if you and your organization are exempt from the public to see your anti-LGBTQ+ behaviors all in the name of “Protecting Kids” from gender affirming care. Your organization stands to fight until the alleged agenda where not even you have been invited to attend nor preside over any of the alleged meetings is over. You believe your group of fickle members cannot be “Handled” like other bigot groups because y’all have the Gay card? It behooves you to take note with your colleagues as they too felt something in their gay souls to state what the DeSantan group released was heavily anti-gay. I see a hill and I see you “GAGing” on it. 

Your environment can be of healthy factors to improve your well being but according to Robert F. Kennedy, your environment can simply turn you.. well young boys Trans. After announcing his presidential run against Sugar Daddy Biden, conspiracy theories tend to naturally flow from Kennedy Jr. RFK (Real Fvck’n Klueless) has made some pretty concerning statements around Trans issues and AIDS. Claims about how kids (young boys specifically) are affected the same as amphibians by a herbicide named atrazine. A study from 2010 through another theorist who believed the way to turn people gay is where he derived his notion but the bizarreness doesn’t 

stop there for Boomer Jr. Poppers are the reason why folks developed autoimmunity because they were “On sale at gay bars” during the AIDS crisis and folks became addicted to the inhalant. This theory came from a study done on rats who developed Kaposi Sarcoma. Now I’m not sure if it’s me or if this man is obsessed with studies done on animals not translated to studies done with humans but I know for sure I do not want to learn of these theories steering the white house if elected as president. 

Although falsifying police records is nothing new, living in a blue state with laws against discrimination by law enforcement one would be a little disappointed. How? After a recent release of audits, Connecticut State Police Troopers STILL target and issue tickets to non-white people.. in a racist way. This recognized behavior sparked the falsification of at least 26,000 traffic citations. Officers sought to meet their quota and realized they had way too many POC on the list so they went to town and created some non-POC identities to balance the scales. GOV. Ned Lamont spoke on this matter asking folks to “Not Jump To Conclusions” and further stated “A lot of it may have been inadvertent”. Something tells me there has to be a plan if the majority of your work is targeted away from a certain group of people. Morning huddles with Dunkin’ coffee and doughnuts may not directly state the obvious but we know about codes and what type of “Lives Matter” in those environments. 

Honorable Mentions:

-George Santos for comparing his deception by DeSantis to being on the back of the bus in which he will sit with Rosa Parks in the front and speak out because he is a Gay Latino Man. 

-Delk Kennedy for his “Compliment” towards White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre calling her “Buckwheat” because the character on “The Little Rascals” was intelligent. 

-Christine Geiger for her own interpretation of LGBTQ+ insinuating the (+) represents pedophiles and those who have pronouns and come from diverse backgrounds are not welcomed to patronize her conservative business for the salon does not support woke ideologies.

Written by: Libra Audacious (She, Her, Purrs)