WOW August! (No Alsina) you know how to come into someone’s home and be respectful. You took your shoes off at the door and you came bearing gifts. It’s Leo season. To our fierce lions, lioness, and non-binary Leo readers, happy birthday to you all. As I check over my notes it is time for back to school. This time of the year was my favorite growing up. The excitement of meeting new classmates and teachers as well as subjects I’ve anticipated was the thing that kept me up the night before (Besides deciding on which outfit to debut). Let us get into this week’s edition of the shut up fools.

As tourism has tanked since De Satan and his team decided to attack the livelihood of essential workers, I guess anti-LGBTQ legislation and  immigration wasn’t enough so they took to the kids. Florida’s State Board of Education has made policy changes banning subjects like African American studies and this past week, Florida decided to extend that same energy to gender and sexuality topics. The college board was notified to redact those topics in their “Advanced Placement” Psychology classes which was met with an immediate NO. “Any course that censors required course content cannot be labeled as an “AP” course. “Student transcripts would lack the accreditation needed for college entry” the board argued. 

This issue has been looming since April of this year and just one week before students return to the classroom, changes to the direction of coursework is now important. Teachers would need to attend new training ensuring they are lawfully teaching subjects based on the state’s approval. Florida has reached out to other sources including Cambridge AICE and IB (International Baccalaureate) for accommodation in which they claim they can. The argument made states Florida’s  decision is not backed by scientific research and best classroom practices which causes a divide between colleagues and causes a disruption in the learning pathways of psychological scientists and mental health professionals. A final decision has not been made by Florida to move forward as the school year quickly approaches.   

Honorable Mentions:

  • Donald J Trump isn’t a new face, he’s a frequent flier and we just can’t seem to get rid of the orange streak. 37 indictments and now approaching his third arrest during HIS presidential campaign, Trump must have been listening to Beyoncé and wanted to pay homage to Florida native TS Madison as he’s so cozy on the mic calling President Biden a “Dumb Son of a Harry Potter Author” at his rally in Pennsylvania. The Cheeto guy still believes he was the best thing for the U.S. as he spoke about the condition of DC referencing broken buildings and trash. I guess flooding basements to rid evidence and inciting attacks that injured White House police is what the leader of the free world does eh Donald?
  • “She’s fake dude”, “I’m trying to help you out, delete and go away”, “Don’t do it, your going to get caught”. Jose Tirado stands accused of warning perpetrators who target children to meet and have sensual relations with them. Joining “Kid’s House” a department focused on preventing crimes against children in 2015, Tirado has sent messages to predators letting them know if they meet up with said child (detective) they would be caught. On February 1st-5th six people were arrested but two failed to show up at the agreed upon location and a third even ceased communication with the “child”.   Facing five counts of unlawful use of a two-way communication device, five counts of unlawful use of a computer, network or electronic device resulting in the interruption of government operations, and five counts of disclosure or use of confidential criminal justice information  this fool pleaded not guilty. Well, sheriff Dennis Lemma isn’t having it and has initiated the process for termination upon Tirado’s arrest. 

*I want to note no Trans person was involved. A cis gender male assisting other cisgender males in acts of harm towards children.

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