“It’s the first of the month”…  We’ve made it yall! Welcome to september. Everyday I am feeling the spirit of fall approaching and I’m actually starting to see many fools writing off summer with their fall commencement rituals. Student workers have returned to their jobs and they are flexing those work muscles. If you ever order from McDonald’s and receive fresh hot fries and or a sandwich made perfectly with no condiments artistically smeared in the wrapper, those students are working to pay for some things no foul. The Pumpkin Spice mob is already in full effect and I’m side eyeing them for their superior complex of such an interesting beverage (I prefer a nice hot cider as my warm and cozy beverage choice). 

Contrary to indulging in warm beverages in the colder months, I’m from the Midwest and we like our frozen items even more. Right now I can go for a nice strawberry shake or some southern butter pecan (pee-can or peh-kawn) ice cream. I’m curious to know yall’s favorite frozen treats? Speaking of frozen treats…

Franklin Turtle-Mitch McConnell has once again PAUSED for a lengthy period of time while speaking.  His doctors have cleared him to continue working, but the scary part is this is his second occurrence in a month’s time. How long? My question is, how long will we allow representatives who are showing a complete disruption in their job capabilities to hold on to positions that are better suited for a more qualified person? To the doctors who uphold these views and not agreeing to sit Turtle-McConnell down, I say Shut Up Fools!

A black box with three photos of this week's Shut Up Fools with yellow red and green lettering spelling out shut up fools inside a bubble.

Have yall seen the latest “Uncle Ruckus” behavior?  If you’re not familiar with the Boondocks, Uncle Ruckus parodies “Uncle Tom” & “Uncle Remus” with a nod to Amos Rucker. Rucker was born a slave, fought in the Civil War, and had no differential feelings about remaining loyal to the family who owned him. Well live and in color. Derrick Gibson, (who resembles Uncle Ruckus which is quite uncanny) is a former disqualified Republican candidate for New York State Governor, and has started his 2024 presidential campaign support on an orange note. Toting a white badge in Black writing: “Ninjas For Trump 2024” Gibson pushes the narrative that The Orange Streak’s indictment charges are bullstuff and believes this attention will elevate him to secure the presidency.  While being interviewed, you can clearly see a Caucasian arm pointing to Gibson and confidently saying, “That’s my ninja” as he’s telling the reporter his name. 

…Please VOTE. We have Black men out here in strong support of the “Cheeto Guy” just like Cubic Zirconia and Polyester did and we simply cannot have another go. These conservafools continue to know nothing and are a threat to our existence. Meanwhile, we have people like Laura Loomer who tweets (or xeets or whatever that’s supposed to be) that the Black male vote will be the one to help the republican party win the election. Chile, Please Shut Up Fools.             

Libra is a Community Commentator, Blogger, Gaymer, and Music Producer. Future published author telling her story while surviving the storms of society.

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