Thursday was Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson’s heavenly birthday. I’ll say it again: Happy Heavenly Birthday Icon, Legend, and Muse.  Ironically, on Thursday the first Republican Debate of the 2024 election year occurred in my hometown of Milwaukee. All I can say is a lot of foolery was present amongst all eight top polling candidates (please vote). Friday if you have not caught it just yet, some of our sisters are holding it down on season six of “The Chi ” streaming on (Showtime)/ Paramount+. I must shout out Toni Bryce, Monroe Alise, and L’lerrét Jazelle for the representation, and we must not forget Jasmine Davis who played Imani before her character was written off in season four. Shea Diamond released a raspy reimagination of George Gershwin’s “Summertime” leaving me with an activated feeling ready to get these fools together this week… speaking of fools *drops tea bag into mug.      

Carlos Santana lets tune this guitar. I’m not sure why you choose your show in Jersey (knowing live shows are leading in making you a coin, as the streaming age is upon us and album sales are viewed differently) to take such a stance against Trans* people. With the current climate of the US, it was not “Smooth” at all.  In addition, you brought diet, ashy, “Rick (“TERF”) James” into the conversation after we’ve left him and his views with that parched comeback called comedy in 2021.  With your history of music being admired for bringing folks together, your 15 minutes (of fame?) has confuddled the masses. That apology whether your words or the damage control agents who should have had you reading from a teleprompter in the first place gives meh. I’m not sure if you know where your stance lies but that’s for you to rift out. In the meantime, Shut Up Fool! 

Blackened square box featuring four photos of this week's Shut Up Fools.  Shut Up Fools is written in yellow red and green letting with a silver and gold opaque bubble around it.

Honorable Mentions:   

  • Funky Dineva: Turning 40 must have made you feel all types of brand new chile. You are an example of why (Cis) women have an issue with the LGBTQ+ community when you attack them the way you did Chloë Bailey (well some are complicit) *blows on tea. Critiquing Chloë’s look is just as damaging as previous fool DJ Akademiks quipping about women’s features being masculine, thus referring to them as men. You are entitled to your opinion however this take on the level of likable Blackness and hood credibility, is heavy on the misogyny and leaks anti-blackness from your privilege benefit as the man you are.  But this is very on brand for you!  
  • Claudia Jordan: When I stated some folks don’t have an issue with the misogyny and anti-blackness that’s around them, I meant that for you sis. To have the platform you have and to be vocal about womanhood, how did you miss those derogatory cues?  Were you afraid to check Dineva for attacking another Black woman? Or is this YOU? I suggest you tap into more knowledge and be better prepared to combat on sight those actions.                 

Libra is a Community Commentator, Blogger, Gaymer, and Music Producer. Future published author telling her story while surviving the storms of society.

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