Hey Siri, play Nocturne No.20 in C-Sharp Minor, B.49 for Violin & Piano.  Let me set the mood and light an incense because this week was definitely giving “Knuck if You Buck”. Transpeople and more specifically Transwomen have experienced such a turbulent week with the dogpiling of attacks and fake-phony rescinds on allyship. Don’t let me hold ya let’s get into these deserving “Shut Up Fools”.  

…Hey Siri Play “Hypothetically” by Lyfe Jennings.

“What if I told you” that this fool was out here in business overseas supporting well “Not per say” but is “In support of people that support people who made them”? Yea confusing and as sista Keke Palmer would say, “Gurl Say What You Saying!” So long story short, Vladimir Putin recently signed a law banning gender changes in Russia along with GMO foods. Jennings took to IG and cryptically approved this move with his caption: “No matter what people say about the guy he isn’t with the sh*ts”.  Mhm “Must be Nice” Chester. We all know you are no stranger to boo’s so supporting someone whose a dictator and fascist is fitting. We know if you praised the move in Russia we can already see what you support here at home.  

The Jess “Not” So Hilarious & Tasha K. event has demonstrated transphobic behavior because they too were on the receiving end of transphobia. That kind of pressure makes you react without fully assessing the wound.  Had the reactions taken just a step to lean in and ask a few questions, they would have learned about a dynamic representation that wasn’t considered, acknowledged, or have some type voice in the conversation. Our Trans brothers would have been that voice but all the attention was on the transgender women who had their own answers for this topic. However none of that happened, in fact what we witnessed instead was an opportunist taking shots at Trans women as she normally does in order to somehow make clear separation and prove that she IS a woman (Cisgender Woman). The back and forth with Angelica Ross could have been her golden ticket but Jess “With the Mess” only proved she is in fact, “The Mess”.

Tasha K. even though already having some type of rapport with a transwoman, made decisions fueled in vitriol towards TS Madison even going as far as “exposing” documents on social media of personal identification (So we doxing folks now?). The gag is all the information had already been put out on front street by Madison.  Even when reviewing the original post made by Blessed Rose Tasha, took liberty in calling her a man and referring to her as he and him.  

We had a few cameos from some familiar fools like “He,She,We” CEO, Flame Monroe who loves to stake a divide with their interesting lived experience and dated buffoonery placating to the same group of transphobic peers who would disrespect Flame for a check. Honorable Mention goes to DL Hughley whose comedy hasn’t been funny since before “Original Kings of Comedy ” as he was careless and just too eager to make a broadcast to his audience something negative about TS Madison. Too bad Queen Bey is busy and booked and wasn’t around to hold Lil Mama back or to tap lil sis on the shoulder once again reminding her not to interfere, but Naitia being the transphobic person she is, (We will never forget ANBDC & by the way you should apologize to Leiomy.) when she’s not attempting to organize Straight Pride events felt compelled to be disrespectfully violent with her two cents.  Lastly, it’s men like Dj Akademiks making comments towards women’s physical features that jumpstarts the transphobia. Mr. Allen this wasn’t a conversation for you to insert yourself into. You thought you ate but the plate had already been scraped into the basura. That bit about a plot twist needs to see your apology just as loud and pic-me-like towards Jess.