“Nation Wiiiiide is ONNNNN Your SIIIIIIIDDDEEEE!” I laughed for over 12 minutes and forgot what I was doing. Laugh with me. Congratulations are in order, Hope Giselle received her flowers from the NBJG, with the “Murray Rustin Advocates for Justice Award” and we love to see it! Congratulations Hope keep on pressing. Speaking of pressing this week has been quite interesting with the second installment of the Republican debate and the writer’s strike ending. I hope this creates better conversations and opportunities for our talented community who deserves to be compensated for their brilliant works. The pumpkin spice must be hitting or is it the candy corn? I kid, I kid. Let’s get into this week’s fools. 

It appears Dreamsicle 45 will have some type of place on the board every week at this point. This week it wasn’t really him exactly, it was his band of trolls who were the fools that boasted about his activity while in North Carolina. Showing support to the second amendment it was made a spectacle when Citrus#45 enthusiastically and repeatedly stated he wanted to purchase a “pew pew” while visiting Palmetto State Armory. Steven Cheung took to X to post, “President Trump purchases a Glock in South Carolina!” well the bat signal has been seen and the gang has responded. Brian Glenn & Marjorie Taylor Greene were excited by the news and confirmed this piece of information during a rally coverage as well as Laura Loomer via her X post. All this is alleged now seeing how illegal it would be for the multi-failed business owner with indictments against him. The foolery continues as the back paddling and “clarifications” quickly settle from the dust of folks retweeting (yea I said it retweet). RSBNetwork has a great example as they have the edited version of their post live yet they tweeted what happened (see photo). All of this could just be folks playing a game to hold attention but then again.. I’m not too confident in how the collective has performed lately. So to them I say, “Shut Up Fools!”

The Republican debate on Wednesday hosted an abundance of foolery. I must make note of Vivek Ramaswamy’s continued misinformation around issues he holds a stance against. Anytime we use a word ending in ISM (Transgenderism) it usually is classified as some type of system of resistance or oppression. Trans people are definitely not oppressing the masses as we only make up about 1.6% of the population. Surgeries are almost never performed on a child. HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) includes a conversation with the parent or guardian and is not freely given to someone who wishes to transition. If right-wing activists were to ask about the process the argument would change. Google is free and so is ignorance. Claiming to pass a federal ban on something that isn’t defined in your own argument is not a strong suit I’d play. We have a lot to work out until November, please be sure to vote.