September 23rd kicks off the season where your friends and loved ones come in great use as they balance things out when around them. Yes readers, Libra season is upon us. Happy Birthday to all the scales, fall air signs, Venus centered, and overall one of the best types of human you’ll meet, greet, and cherish. If Toni Braxton ever sees this, Happy Birthday Muva!  

I must remind you that if ANYTHING please be sure you are registered to vote. Early voting has already begun for many places and this serves as a reminder that you should always make your own informed decision. As we fight for the betterment of those living in the US,TransGriot is here to keep you informed by calling out politicians on their foolery.  

Meet The Press has a new host, Kristen Welker and on her first interview she took on the multi “Shut Up Fool” recipient, “Orange a la Trump.” During that almost hour and a half exclusive interview, around the 46:40 mark, Welker runs back the question to 45, [sic] “When you say you needed one-tenth of a needed one-tenth of a point, to win?” instantly while drowned in his own story he let slip the most important piece of his argument of the election was rigged and stolen from him. [sic] “Yea, if you divide it amongst the states (drawing a line in the air) it was 22,000 votes, something to that affect yea.” he then continues with, [sic] “If I would have had another 22,000 votes”.. and right there, he realizes he has fumbled the bag and immediately attempts damage control by defaulting to his MAGA branded slogans, “Look they rigged the election.” Kristen wrapped that segment up so quickly by asking, [sic] “I just want to be clear though, are you saying you needed those votes in order to win, are you acknowledging you didn’t win?” in which he stood true to his form and said, “I did win.”

You can all say it with me… Shut Up Fool!          

Honorable Mentions: 

Mina Caputo

Protesting “Transwomen are men” and if we shall call ourselves women we are “gaslighting” and in turn should embrace ourselves as the men we were born as isn’t a form of solidarity.  Must you understand your words mean something and if you fail to give context you’ve failed the community in which you’ve expressively claimed in 2011 as you stated, [sic] “I no longer have this masculinity or this manhood to protect. This is a transformation I’ve been dreaming of my entire life.”

Ryan Murphy, Tanase Popa & Ryan Murphy Productions a few notes…

  • Unsafe work environment via inflammatory remarks by talent you’ve chosen.  
  • “Freedom of Speech”.. That speaks to the erasure of humans displayed.
  • “After all you’ve done”? … you wouldn’t be as decorated of a producer if it were not for the stories of Black, Brown, LGB people and more specifically Transwomen. You owe more to them than you believe and your tone should be checked.    
  • Privilege by position, status, and color of skin shows that no one felt the empathy for Angelica therefore Angelica had to “Handle it” like Olivia Pope.

White, gay, male privilege is dangerous when they feel they have given you an opportunity and in return feel entitled to you. These men can abuse you in manipulative ways while telling you you’re fine, all while being blind to the bullstuff that is in plain sight. Although Ryan may have reconciled this with an apology, or not, this behavior needs to be called out. I stand with you Angelica for right is right and wrong is wrong. To those who felt Angelica deserved this type of treatment, Shut Up Fools!