I think it’s fair to say we have reached our fall temperatures. I have conducted a few investigations and the reports came back with chilly claims.  I’m not complaining long as we have a nice transition into the colder weather and nothing too severe.  Football season is upon us and I will tell you right now, I know nothing beyond my basic knowledge of what cheerleading has taught me however I still root for home, Green & Gold. 

Honorable Judge Keith Kelly of Utah

Minors.. Kids are now being examined for their mental capacity in conjunction with bodily features which continue to develop at the adolescent age. You are asking kids to exist within a dynamic range to qualify and compete in sports that are about teaching fundamentals of teamwork and leadership. You are asking for a child to function as an adult, when they should be having fun engaging in activities that make them happy. For weird adult reasons, you want to prepare youth as weapons to become hardened citizens. The courtroom is not the place for you to satisfy your curiosity of trans individuals. Physical, emotional, and mental conditions would be of any child at that age as one doesn’t gain superpowers by being affirmed, they experience  gender euphoria (if not interrupted). HB11 is on pause but already you’re setting a bad pace handling future cases like this seeing as you are in hopes a trial would occur (as if that wouldn’t cause further harm). This reminds me of how cisgender women who wish to seek reproductive care due to the 19 states that have motioned to ban their choice and legally feel entitled to personal medical records in order to prosecute them.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn

The Transgender? Who or what exactly? Your aim is, “To protect kids from being exposed to “The Transgender” on social media.” (I cannot stop giggling hearing you say that sentence). Maybe we should shift focus on the predatory harm that occurred at the hands of cisgender adult men like the Silva case in Florida?   

Republican Aid Erin Mazzoni

Nice try, you really gave a lot of effort. Sobbing to make your story a bit more believable was a great touch.  It’s fairly bizarre your choice of tools which you claimed are used to groom children or in your word choice “Train”. I cannot stop snickering at this. Train and buttplug in the same sentence with children.  I hope Gabriella Hanson learns to screen what her aids will say on a hot mic in the future.    

Honorable mentions:  

Represenative Lauren Boebert Have you no kuth? How can one claim to support the arts with disruptive behavior you’ve displayed resulting in your escort from “Beetlejuice”? The vaping, loud singing, recording, taking of pictures, I mean these rules are stated at the beginning of the show but outburst and interruptions are what you do. Too bad you didn’t say Beetlejuice more than three times, now that would have been a great exit.

Coach Mike Vrabel It is clear with over two minutes left in the game and the math shows you needed to either tie or actually score a touchdown. Not sure why you ran the play with kicking a fieldgoal to settle for less points in hopes of obtaining the ball back.