Checkpoint, Ghouls and Goblins! “Gay Christmas” has come and gone. Mariah Carey saw her shadow so y’all know it’s time to throw that tree up. I would like to personally welcome everyone to Trans Awareness Month. While I suspect this month will be quite challenging with so many moving parts that make us unique as a community, we must be well-prepared for what obstacles the opposing side will put up– with their factless attacks and accusations. As you already know, I will have my tea set armed and ready, with a fresh unique brew waiting to spill. Let’s go.  

I found it quite funny this week watching Morning Joe string his disingenuous words together. For those who don’t know, Senator Josh Hawley [R-MO] demanded that Secretary of Homeland and Security Alejandro Mayorkas answer for a DHS employee’s social media post about Israel, suggesting that Mayorkas is anti-semetic. Mayorkas is Jewish and his mother lost much of her family in the Holocaust. Now if you took the time to watch both clips, Scarborough played from his own vocabulary to the tune of “Shock Opera.” But, y’all remember when he questioned the leadership of schools where Jewish students were in unsafe environments but never took the time to question the same-styled treatment for Black and Brown students? Josh Hawley had one thing to show and nothing to prove with the tone he took with Mayorkas, which supports the saying, “Research over Me-Search” (Shout out Conscious Lee). I love a good read and my whole take away was, “Mr. Chairman may I? I would and I’m not sure I’ll limit it to 60 seconds.”

Pause. I graduated high school in 2006. Candace Owens graduated about a year after me. So when Candace makes the claim she did not graduate with any Transgender people in her class, I beg to differ. I await for someone to come forward and drop the mic on her belief that Trans* people did not exist. To completely dismiss the existence of a population is pretty extreme especially when you choose not to see them. Of that same coin, denying a population’s historical facts when there is a plethora of sources at your disposal has me gagging. Here we are once again faced with another person on a platform given free reign, yet they elect to spread misinformation and disinformation. This lady truly believes Trans people just came out recently like Taco Bell Fries & Cinnabon Delights. Yet, we have been here longer than when the 11 herbs and spices became acquainted.  

This month we shall face this type of energy with our eye on the prize. Be empowered to hold space and exude strength– for others who may be denied their and those who we have lost due to acts of violence. This will be the 25th anniversary of Rita Hester’s unsolved homicide. I encourage you all to take care of yourself and those in your community. We’re all we got!