On the standard calendar, today is Saturday and the end of the week. On the trans* calendar, the “week” is not over until TDOR. This year, Trans Day of Remembrance falls on Monday the 20th.  Many have already gathered to remember those we have lost to acts of violence with candle vigils, community fellowship, and message-driven speeches. At least 27 names have been reported in the U.S. this year, the majority Black trans women. We must also acknowledge the violence against our trans men and transmasculine siblings as numbers increase for them. As I mentioned before, TDOR is in its 25th year. Monica Roberts played a pivotal role in not only honoring those we’ve lost, but ensuring that the murders of trans people were covered thoughtfully and with respect. We still have much to do to continue this work, without which anti-trans violence often goes unrecognized– given that reporters still often misgender victims or ignore them altogether.

In Hartford, Connecticut, a Black activist DJ Ephraim Adamz plans to honor Rita Hester with a celebration at a mansion across the street from where Hester grew up. This event will also introduce a new trans* flag, the “Black Trans Legacy Flag.” The flag features black as its central color, framed by triangles pointing inward from either side. The triangles are composed of the traditional trans* pride colors (white, pink, blue), with the addition of brown as the final border. On Instagram, Adamz also calls this the “Transgender Remembrance Flag,” which acknowledges the “resilience built off the bloodshed of Black and brown bodies” and memorializes “the Black and brown bodies lost to anti-trans violence.” The celebration will be held on November 28th, the day of Rita Hester’s untimely death occurred.   

Imagine relying on AI to construct your anti-trans tweets but AI tells you it can’t perpetuate your hateful messages. I am gagging at GAG (Gays Against Groomers). Yeah these fools are back again. 

Apparently, GAG asked ChatGPT to construct tweets condemning gender-affirming care and was met with some pushback. The AI text generator refused, instead informing GAG that their prompt was harmful and a violation of ethical principles. Elaborating further, ChatGPT explained, “gender-affirming care has shown to improve the well-being of transgender and gender diverse individuals.” When GAG then prompted ChatGPT to write a tweet supporting gender-affirming care, the AI program had no issues. Taken aback by the result of the copy, GAG took to its 400k following on X, denouncing ChatGPT. Followers predictably responding by calling the program a groomer. So AI out here doing the grooming huh?  

A reminder to those new to the party, Gays Against Groomers opposes the sterilization and mutilation of minors, drag and pride events involving children, propagandizing youth with LGBTQ+ media, and queer theory & gender ideology being taught in the classroom.  Once you’ve connected what they use as evidence to justify their purpose of opposition, you’ll chuckle and probably say to yourself, “We are doomed”.  The call for Cis Slur Musk’s version of an AI program in comparison to ChatGPT leaves one to wonder will their attempt to program lies and misinformation work? It is intelligence right?