November, you have not disappointed to say the least. Starbucks has seen yet another boycott. Lines decreased locally and internationally in response to the “One Cup at a Time” conglomerate’s stance on the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The gag tho, is that it’s being boycotted by both pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters, sheesh.

It’s our first full week of Trans Awareness Month. How are we doing? Our sibling Michaela Jaé Rodriguez sang the National Anthem at the Knicks Game on Wednesday and it was everything. Congratulations sis, you did that. 

Stephanie Houston, the mother of Muhlaysia Booker, gave her victim impact statement at the hearing of Kendrell Lyles [37] in Dallas. She vowed to continue the advocacy work her daughter started. Muhlaysia’s case is one of many from 2019 we hope to see receive some sort of closure, just like the many cold cases before and after her murder. In Virginia, Del. Danica Roem historically claimed her Senate seat in her race as the first openly trans* person to do so in the south. Roem’s opponent, Bill Woolf, deployed misgendering as a losing strategy instead of focusing on the betterment of the communities he would serve.

Congratulations are in order as “The People’s” Ruler has landed. Naomi Michaels [Bailey Bolden], secured her reign becoming the 31st Miss Black Universe.  The coveted title also crowned Exotic Lord [Andre Hilton] as Mr. Black Universe, and Tanisha Iman [LeMichael Bryant] as Miss Black Universe Grand. Keeping those applauses, let’s go to my home city of Milwaukee where the Mr. and Miss Trans USA pageant held it’s 4th welcoming of their advocacy king and queen. Dylan B. Dickherson White & Marisol Treviňo medallioned and crowned Trey C. Michaels & Anya Marino as the 2023 successors. Both pageants had great showings of fashion, bold visibility, and trans* representation.

I know you came to see who would be this week’s fool as this is the Shut Up Fool column, but It wouldn’t be right if I did not give flowers to our community as the conservafools continue to utilize us for a victory. So enough jibber jabber.  

Tyrese Gibson posted to his instagram, asking if misinformation regarding gender-affirming care was true. The post featured a clip of Joe Rogan’s podcast, “Mindset of Society” where Rogan described gender-affirming care as if it were drug use. Tyrese repeated Rogan’s claim that doctors are “shooting up” children with hormones, asking “Are they really out here injecting kids with hormones?”  Now one would wonder WHY the singer/actor would pose such a question seeing that he was cast alongside Amiyah Scott in Lee Daniels STAR. Y’all remember season 1 episode 8 “Mama’s Boy” where he attempted to “lay hands” on Cotton for her to “be right” with God? Yes, THAT episode. Tyrese had such a strong opinion when he called out Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union for publicly supporting Zaya coming into her own, I don’t know why he did not seek enlightenment on the subject through community (yes I do). Tyrese has resources that could put him on game; however, Tank already warned us about his decision making. All in all, this grants him his first award and during Transgender Awareness month too. How quaint? Tyrese, Shut Up Fool.