Let us have a moment of silence.  

October 5th 2020 we lost an icon of our community.  Monica Roberts, we hope to make you smile with our efforts continuing to document the stories of our community.  So much foolery has been going on and we wish you could be here to give us your take. You are missed and we know youre telling the fools to shut up eternally.  What are the Spades games giving?

We almost experienced a government shutdown but Uncle Daddy Joe signed for the previous year’s budget to take place for 45 days until an agreement between the Republicans and Democrats can occur.  Mandatory funding for Social Security, Medicare & Unemployment are pretty much safe however, discretionary funding which consists of National Defense, Infrastructure, Public Health research, National Parks & International Assistance are at risk. During a shutdown, government employees will experience furlough but still have to work just no pay. While Congress cannot settle on a budget plan, an adverse effect ensues for the 20% of Black folk who make a living in the middle class as government employees. EBT/SNAP, HIV & AIDS relief, Panoramic provisions, food inspections, traveling, construction and so much more will be negatively affected. This has been an issue since Obama was in office as of late and shows how important the primary elections are to be sure this doesn’t continue.        

Imagine paying respects to a colleague and dear friend who has passed, and you receive an eviction notice while out of town yet unable to collect your belongings.  Imagine being accused of not holding up on a promise of solidarity when said accuser has not shown respectable actions towards the institution. Imagine not being shown the same grace you’ve shown others. What an interesting week in congress, Kevin McCarthy being removed from his seat by his own people and all of the Democrats was a first of its kind.  Patrick McHenry playing the revenge card on Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer was also not on our bingo cards. Seriously, the big office energy is real. Do they need the pencils and calculators as well?

Cue the Tyra Banks meme. Sexyy Red was a  guest on “This Past Weekend w/ Cleo Von ” and many people who were in the trenches defending the “Sexyy Reds” who may exist in some families, found themselves taken aback. Sexyy endorsed with her whole chest from the hood, 45 needed to be placed back into presidency because HE gave us stimulus money (which we know was not possible without the say of congress) and let Black folk out of jail (paid pardons). Now we know the delay that occurred due to the Orange Guy needing to have his signature on the stimulus checks and covid relief food boxes were definitely branding and propaganda moves however, was that all we needed from a president who continued to use misconduct towards women and perpetuate hate against the LGBTQ community while doing shady business with dangerous world leaders?  Umm ….