Watching a little scary something around this time of year–with nicely timed jumpscares paced with the perfect balance of drama, and psychological tension–fulfills the euphoric gauge, especially if the scary something is good. I guess I can settle. I can adjust. Receive change instead of sustaining the typical something smeared with gore, or a supernatural antagonist who reappears during the final minutes as the story becomes a sequel.

I miss those days when I experienced a state of fear. Well, this week stirred a different type of fear. A fear connected to losing hope. I do believe those not in favor at the moment shall be the final girl and persevere through the final scene to this thriller we are experiencing.  

“You don’t live in our skin” has to be said with caution, especially in Texas of all places. This is a quote from Rep. Armando Walle as Texas House of Representatives debated over House Bill 4, which could make racial profiling legal and grant police officers the power to deport asylum-seeking migrants. Driving, family outings, celebrations all have to be executed with caution. The process of proving you have a legal right to exist in Texas while possibly experiencing hate and violence is something wild. Texas passing this bill as the majority of its population consists of Hispanic and Latin folks who are also becoming more vocal and eligible to vote is baffling. Greg Abbott and his “Bad Boyz” squad plans to clean up, while tearing communities apart. 

Vote him out. He is an outlier Democrat opposed to the Assault Weapon Ban along with other gun safety laws. Rep. Jared Golden has 18 lives and 13 wounded on his scale after this week’s mass shooting in Lewiston, and he wishes to blow the whistle calling for a ban because things are applicable. When the Chucky doll was taking lives and folks continued to want the toy on the shelves, they learned quickly but too late, and now we have a series. What happened in Maine should send a stronger message of needed solidarity.

As for Golden, his aim to keep firearms out of the hands of felons and people who demonstrate the ability to inflict harm on others had loopholes just as Ghostface’s voice could be duplicated and the mask could be purchased by anyone. The newly unavailable suspect was a certified firearms instructor and member of the Army Reserves. 

MAGA Mike Johnson is the new Speaker of the House. He believes trans kids are being abused, homosexuality is morally and physically wrong, and he was a lawyer for Alliance Defending Freedom in the Lawrence v Texas case. Johnson has had it out for LGBTQIA (Le-git-te-bit-a-kwah) since the wake of Matthew Shepard’s death. We do not know what to expect and how extreme his leadership as speaker will be, however we shouldn’t say Mike Johnson’s name three times in a mirror.