The past two weeks have shown many familiar cards: violence against a minority group, government decisions made disingenuously, a quick scatter of misinformation, and oppressed groups torn away from solidarity. I’ve found myself mulling over what to bring today, but I understand my assignment and I must deliver. 

Uncle Daddy Joe Biden: The initial stance Biden’s administration has taken on the Middle East conflict paired with the lies detailing who did what really isn’t a good look. Traveling to Israel in support of a country that has such an advanced military, yet denying the harm this nation has inflicted as they continue to claim over 3,000 innocent Palestinian lives is wild. Chances were afforded yet you chose to blame HAMAS when it could have only been the advanced Israeli government executing genocide. The rhetoric– including the use of “Terrorist” to brand Palestinians as aggressive and as the central problem–is harmful. We’ve seen the casualties in our own backyard. You cannot just throw a coin at the group who deserves freedom and justice, expecting them to recover from constant loss and fear.  

Joe Scarborough: With so much passion demanded safety for Israeli students and for them not to receive backlash. Timmy the Tooth or diet Ryan Reynolds (I can’t tell) had the gall to speak towards the school administrations yet this conversation has never been considered on his platform for the Black and Brown students who experience racism, harassment, and bullying regularly.      

Lindsey Graham: Attacking Black Lives Matter & Cornell West while lumping them in with HAMAS. Graham stated “This is a religious war” and “Do whatever you need to do,” making a clear stance to “level” the place due to his loose religious interpretations. We find out his influence allegedly caused Israel to drop a bomb claiming 500 lives at a hospital, a place seen as refuge in Gaza. All I can say is, please go vote.   

Yung Joc: With his whole chest & Lil Richard perm in an interview claimed he would turn down $250,000 for a show if it would include LGBTQ folks. He wouldn’t want to perform with men looking at him with lustful eyes and nipples out… Chile, Black men still offer their little raggedy two pieces and a biscuit of bigotry and hate on a hot mic shaped like a glizzy? I mean straight (no pun) gwack gwack energy when nobody is checking for them.. Well the kids did check for Joc as it was “Goin Down” at Atlanta Pride where he basically did the show for $1000 (minus a $1000) and offered his club venue for the FREE! Gurl choke on that biscuit. 

Waka Flocka: Lost a Mortal Komba 1v1 against Nonbinary Furry Icon Sonic Fox. Now his gaming company Nobi Gaming wants to sign them as they just broadcasted their free agent status of “Evil Geniuses” on October 12th. One would say oh how nice, that would be fire however Waka endorses Orange number 45. What kind of mess does this appear to be chat?