Online realms like Twitch and YouTube can be great for escapist fun. With tens of thousands of streamers of varying influence, it can be daunting to find people worth tuning in for consistently. There’s also plenty of hate around each corner, like land mines.

To help you discover where to start – or to add to those you already follow – here’s a short list of queer content creators worth your time. It costs nothing to follow them on Twitch, but it can make a world of difference for them.

Where possible, we have tried to confirm the race of the streamers mentioned to make sure to center queer streamers of color first. However, we understand that many streamers – especially VTubers – wish to maintain their privacy by not publicly disclosing personally identifying information. We respect any and all requests not to mention the race of a streamer when asked.

We also recognize that virtual avatars grant myriad options for presentation and expression. From humanoids to animals to monsters to inanimate objects, all kinds are possible. We apologize in advance for any mislabeling that may occur. We will do our best to support creators of all presentation styles. Expressions of the authentic self are always valid.

Kuroha Lucifer

Kuroha (she/her) is a queer Black trans woman VTuber. She uses a demon cat avatar with shrine maiden aspects added in. As a huge anime fan, she chooses to present her avatar with both light and dark skin variations and varying levels of animalism. It plays to her character’s heritage as the child of Lucifer who has come to recruit minions!

One of Kuroha Lucifer’s variations.

Kuroha loves doing art streams to show off her art skills. You can see her talents in her avatar; she created her own model and did the rigging, a rarity among many streamers. She’s a variety streamer with a wide range of tastes from Generation Zero to Dead Space to Final Fantasy XIV.

Sleepy Riri

Sleepy Riri in dragon form.

Sleepy Riri (he/him) is a queer Black VTuber. He uses a dragon themed avatar most of the time but also switches to a genderless slime model. He isn’t afraid to speak out for diversity and issues affecting POC streamers.

Riri specializes in Nintendo games, calling himself a “professional Nintendo-er.” Some of his recent games include Pokemon Unite, Super Mario Galaxy, and Dragon Quest.

Sleepy Riri is a former member of VT Rainbow, a coalition of LGBTQ+ streamers who specifically encourage other queer content creators and boost them up. Now, Riri has gone on to join Radiant Stars, which has a focus on networking and diversity. Riri is not just a great source of queer-friendly content, but also an activist who helps make the streaming sphere a bit friendlier to others!

Dr. Toto Hex

Dr. Toto Hex

Dr. Toto Hex (she/her) is a Chinese American lesbian trans woman VTuber. She uses a turtle woman as her avatar coupled with a fun career as a mad scientist. The child of immigrants, Dr. Hex resides in Texas and works as a teacher. She brings her multicultural background and her teaching abilities to her streams to deliver a riveting, well-informed experience.

Having experienced discrimination from her parents’ conservative views, Dr. Hex works to push back against it one class at a time. She is also an activist in Texas, helping combat the state’s anti-trans laws. Supporting her with subscriptions and donations is a direct boon to countering red-state hate.

Dr. Hex is best known for creating media commentary content. A huge One Piece fan, she discusses the manga with friends and hosts watch parties for the show, both animated and live action. She plays games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Persona 5, and Diablo IV.

Blinx the Genie

Blinx (he/him) is a queer brown VTuber. He uses a blue/purple genie avatar with obvious references to Disney’s Aladdin. His backstory includes nods to liberation theory, with the Blinx character freed from servitude and now at last able to determine his own fate and relaxation. His focus is on positive connections and community building.

Blinx is currently focusing on Baldur’s Gate 3 and casual chats with fans. Previous games include Starfield and Fallout New Vegas, plus the occasional karaoke stream. Blinx is strictly 18+, like many streamers.

Sunny Eggs Dee

Sunny (he/him) is a queer trans man VTuber. He refers to himself as an Eboi and loves Pokemon in all its forms. His main avatar is an Eevee, though he previously used a corgi. He keeps his streams cute with a heavy emphasis on positive vibes and comfy gaming. However, he is very clearly labeled 18+ and isn’t afraid of adult humor.

As one would expect from someone using a Pokemon avatar, Sunny’s main game is Pokemon. He does Scarlet and Violet egg roulette and Detective Pikachu Returns. If you like your nostalgia with an adult comfy vibe, Sunny is the way to go.

Laura Reyna (They/She) is a queer neurodivergent Latinx finding their authentic self. They are sex positive, kink positive, and sex worker inclusive, and they long for the day when every aspect of colonialism, patriarchy, and fascism are dismantled.