Twitch and YouTube have many amazing content creators, but it can be hard to find authentic queer and BIPOC voices. These platforms’ algorithms always favor straight cis men who espouse Tech Bro-approved politics, rather than anything truly radical or subversive.

This series is meant to help! It costs nothing to follow these creators on Twitch, but it can make a world of difference for them. Make sure to check out Part 1 for more creators you should follow and support.

Where possible, we have tried to confirm the identity of the streamers mentioned, in an effort to center queer streamers of color. However, we understand that many streamers – especially VTubers – wish to maintain their privacy by not publicly disclosing personally identifying information. We respect any and all requests not to mention the race of a streamer when asked. Only information the streamer themself has disclosed publicly is included in these articles to avoid any doxxing.


Vanessa (she/they) is a Black non-binary streamer. They prefer putting their face out there instead of a virtual avatar. Vanessa frequently runs streams for charities, raising money for a variety of worthy causes, such as Aid for Palestine and National Children’s Alliance. 

They are a prominent activist throughout social media, calling out racists in gaming and other industries. Vanessa has challenged racism within the Twitch and YouTube algorithms, pointing to how they favor white creators.

Vanessa streams a wide variety of games. On the crunchier end, they do lots of streams with Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, games known for punishing difficulty. There are anime games in the mix, such as Persona 5 Tactica and Genshin Impact. Vanessa also loves to spotlight indie games and even devotes an entire video collection to streams featuring them. It’s just another way they give back to the gaming community!


Espe Symone (they/he/she) is a queer Black trans streamer. In her own words, she is, “unapologetically Black and Trans!” One of Espe’s biggest concerns is getting more Black queer streamers into public view and making sure Black queer viewers will always have people they can identify with to watch.

Toward that goal, Espe is one of the leaders of the Twitch Black Unity Guild, making her a key influencer among Black streamers. Espe’s leadership is just one way Twitch is trying to make its platform safer for Black queer and trans creators. Obviously there’s more Twitch needs to do, but you can’t go wrong giving influence to Black trans women!

Espe’s community is 18+ only. She mainly streams Overwatch 2, but sprinkles in other titles like the anti-capitalist satire Lethal Company. She also hosts fun things like Black Queer Trivia nights to teach her viewers Black LGBTQ+ history.

Mufasa Screams

Janita, who also goes as Mu (she/her), is a queer Black woman streamer. Mu is a traditional face cam streamer. She’s full of positive vibes, such as inviting her audience to create vision boards to guide them. She commits to and pursues the future she wants and encourages everyone to do likewise.

Mu has a specific focus for her streams: Apex Legends. As of November 2023, Mu is ranked as the 19th most-watched female Apex Legends streamer in the world! Apex is one of the most-played video games of all time and is a team-based battle royale. Battle royale games have a reputation for problematic players, so watching someone like Mu ensures a safe viewing experience. Mu demonstrates her expertise six days a week, taking only Monday off for rest.

Shark Vader

Cadence, who goes by Shark (she/her), is a queer mixed POC (East Asian and Hispanic) woman VTuber streamer. As the name suggests, she loves sharks! Her preferred avatar is a pink shark carrying hearts. A finned friend to spread the love. Her streams are full of positive energy and she is always upbeat and humorous.

Similar to how Mu demonstrates female gaymer superiority in Apex Legends, Shark specializes in Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight is a horror game pitting survivors against monsters. Shark is a survivor player, so she works with a team of others to live through her matches. And no matter how the game goes, she sets a great example through her upbeat spirit.