Libra is a Community Commentator, Blogger, Gaymer, and Music Producer. A Tech nerd with credentials in Web Development, Cyber Security & Networking, Libra works to change the digital world. Aiming to be a published author, Libra is telling her story while surviving the storms of society.

Siufung Law

Siufung Law (they/them) comes from Hong Kong, is a TEDx speaker, a nonbinary professional bodybuilder, and Ph.D. student at Emory University. They are a trans activist actively promoting the transgender-only bodybuilding competition in Atlanta, GA, organized by the International Association of Trans Bodybuilders and Powerlifters (IATBP).

Laura Reyna

"An attack on one is an attack on all." I'm a queer neurodivergent Latinx finding their authentic self. I embrace the radical and am always reevaluating to be better. I'm all about supporting others who are on the same journey by telling their stories. I am sex positive, kink positive, and sex worker inclusive. I long for the day when every aspect of colonialism, patriarchy, and fascism are dismantled and replaced by actual humanity.


Dee Dee W.

V. Jo Hsu (Managing Editor)

V. Jo Hsu is an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin and the author of Constellating Home: Trans and Queer Asian American Rhetorics.

Libra V.

Mallery Jenna Robinson

She is the creator of A Hateful Homicide a true crime and investigative journalism podcast covering the hate crimes and hate violence of the Transgender, Gender Non-binary/Nonconforming, Intersex and Two-Spirit community members in the United States and abroad Transgender Empathy Trainings (TET Talks) is a collection of trainings that provides empathetic approaches and procedures to be better connect and work with the TGI community. TET has been presented by Sony PlayStation, and LA County Board of Supervisors to list a few. Mallery has also spoken publicly for The Long Beach Transgender Day of Remembrance at Harvey Milk Park in November 2019 and for ALL Black Lives Matter Los Angeles in June 2020 and co-hosted several LGBTQ virtual award shows such as Unique Women's Coalition Our Honors Award on Transgender Day of Visibility.

Aubree Calvin

Eness Scott

Erin Green

Erin is a Black trans abolitionist. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland and her work centers on critical race theory, storytelling, prison/police abolition, and Black trans activism.

Micah Peregrino

Sia Karnga

Siah Karnga is a Black trans woman based in Chicago. She specializes in writing articles centered around history, gender studies, politics, and culture in the African Diaspora.


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