Happy pride to one and to all! Unfortunately, it brings us all sadness to report that
we as a trans community are being set back and subjected to ridicule by blogs due to Latin X
lgbt activist, Rose Montoya. The origin of this social media outbreak with Montoya and President
Joe Biden was shared on; The Shade Room, The Neighborhood Talk, Gossip In The City, etc.
and other messy online publications after the white house hosted an invite only event for
notorious queer influencers of Tik Tok. While there the performers and speakers shared their
experiences of the rainbow bannered decorated gathering by posting meet and greet videos
with Biden. A few drinks later, after feeling empowered around festival related music, Montoya
and two transmen decided to go topless at the Oval Office soiree and post it onto
Instagram without Biden’s acknowledgement.
According to NBC News, due to this indecent exposure she was banned off the South Lawn and
is deemed no longer welcome to the White House. “This behavior was simply unacceptable”,
quoted by secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, whom is a press secretary official for Washington, DC.
Some may say the flash mob was an act, due to her having fun in sake of the moment since it
was pride month. On the other hand however, multiple transgender women of color have a
stance where leaving Rose out to dry and throwing her under the bus is at an all time high. In
the past, prior to this incident various lgbt socialites testify that the transwomen of privilege
never defend queer individuals of color whenever a scandal is exposed upon their behalf virally.
Why should we as African Americans stand with other minorities who don’t support us? How
can us as transwomen unite if some act as if the demographic of whoever is facing scrutiny,
must face that along with their community all alone as if it’s not their problem?

The other two transmen who were escorted at the party haven’t made any further statements,
but Rose Montoya upon her departure has made several. Resurrecting her character by stating
that this was discrimination at its finest. The double standard between men and women are
apparent but her behavior was simply unacceptable. Men are shirtless on numerous occasions
but women are to show decorum both cisgender and transgender. The boomerang was posted
at approximately 3:00 PM with the caption, “Are We Topless At The White House?”, on June
13th, 2023.
The perspective of Montoya was that her chest was deemed okay before her transition but now
outraged at the Democrats for transphobia. “It’s perfectly legal to be topless in D.C.”, she quoted
by AP News, also stating the “Free The Nipple Movement”, emphasizing her body wasn’t
exposed because her hand covered her areolas. Already stereotyped as groomers, pedophyles,
and assaulters her actions further fueled conservatives beliefs that all transwomen are vulgar
sexual creatures. She has came forth afterward to apologize and is now moving forward,
despite ridicule from livid terfs and cisgender women claiming her motives weren’t out of joy it
was an attack in efforts to hypersexualize women as a character/mockery. I feel her DC Girls

Gone Wild like expression sparked the discussion amongst hetro normative society towards
humanizing trans people, to find sympathy and understanding that trans girls want hot girl summers too.

In addition to Biden’s Pride celebration he also hosted a Juneteenth Concert to
extend an olive branch to his voters following Montoya’s appearance.
Jill Biden, wife to Joe heavenly encouraged the 27 yr old, Savage X Fenty model to not only
attend prior to her exit but was in agreeance and in favor of her and her friends engagements at
the Truman balcony and at all areas of the White House on Tik Tok as well. The Biden
Administration made a speech due to damage control from her cupping herself regarding the
rest of his guests proclaiming, “We are grateful to the Gill Foundation, who helped make today
possible so that we can bring thousands of families to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and celebrate
America’s LGBTQ families”, cited by WH.gov. Backlash from word getting out about Rose varied
from Ally: Chelsea Hunt, New York Commissioner: Bernard Kerik, Radio Host: Dana Loesch and
half of Twitter.

Written by: Sarah Sierra (she/her)