Ricky Nathan

Where should I start? “She was a proud unapologetic Black Trans woman who spoke the truth to power and discussed the world and events that went on around her.” She was such an amazing, hardworking, inspiring woman. A woman who saw every transgender individual as an important life when no one else would. She always honored the deaths of the transgender community no matter what was going on in her life. She made sure everyone of us was accounted for and loved. She fought for us when we had nowhere else to go. I remember meeting her in Houston for the Transgender Infinity Conference in 2019, I went up to her and introduced myself to her and I won’t ever forget what she told me. She knew that I was from the Rio Grande Valley, she also knew I was a Trans Male and told me, “You know what these Folx have gone through, you’ve seen both sides of the Spectrum, now you have to be there for the ones who come out after you in need of help. These kiddos will look up to you and watch your every move. Be an influential young man, it doesn’t take much to change someone’s life.” From then on, I always looked up to everything she did and never questioned it. She was such a selfless person. Her life work will never be forgotten. When we went to her home going celebration, I learned how much more she did for the community, and how many lives (Including mine) she impacted. I saw so many young trans individual’s eyes light up in knowing she paved a better future for us. To know how amazing and influential she was has inspired me to be influential in the same way she was towards the trans community, and to never give up what we are fighting for. Thank you Monica Roberts for all you did, we will continue what you put out for us.