Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Inc

As Brothers of Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Incoroprated we come together to service our community, bring awareness to transgender issues, faciliate dialogue, welcome new members and break bread. In our 8 years we have laid one of our Brothers to rest as well as an Icon in the community Monica Roberts. When we received the ask to be pallbearers for her services and we humbly accepted.

Brothers M. Greg Green, E. Lee Dyer IV, Paul L. Grace-Neal, E. Cameron A. Pizarro III, and Tyree Williams traveled to Houston, Texas to honor Ms. Monica Roberts. As we have all been dealing with a global pandemic it had been months since we had seen each other. We broke bread and began to prepare to honor Ms. Monica Roberts.

Left to Right: Paul L. Grace-Neal (he/him/his), E. Lee Dyer IV (he/him/his), Tyree Williams (he/him/his), E. Cameron A. Pizarro III (he/him/his), M. Greg Green (he/him/his).

As we arrived at the University of Houston, we didn’t know exactly what emotions we would feel as we had all had some interaction with Monica as the fraternity has been acknowledged at the Black Trans Advocacy Conference for many years. In 2016 Brother Jayden Spann & M. Greg Green received the Rising Star Award and Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Incorporated received the TrailBlazer Award. In 2017 Brother Tyree Williams & Paul L. Grace-Neal received the Rising Star Award. Additionally in 2018 Brother E. Lee Dyer IV was one of the keynote speakers.

As we sat through the services there was a point where we were all touched. As members of the transgender community we all have different stories, one is consistent we are usually attending a funeral where we are mourning and demanding justice. Leaving very little space to actually grieve for the loss of a community member.

As we walked down the street and escorted the Ms. Monica Roberts to her final resting place, we reflected on the life and legacy of Ms. Roberts. The walk was slow, intentional. To see traffic stopped for a Black Trans Woman, monumental and breathtaking. Monica lived a historic life, doing the work that is the foundation of respectful reporting of transgender individuals to this day.

She was unapologetically for the community and making sure that our stories are told accurately and with respect. Monica’s legacy will live on through our work for years to come. The Brothers of Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Inc. commit to using scholarship, service, education, leadership and advocacy to continue our work in the community and help keep Monica’s legacy alive.

Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Incorporated is a 501c3 social service non-collegiate greek lettered organization for men of transgender experience. Our mission is to provide knowledge of existing issues and dispel misconceptions of people of transitional stages and experience. We strive to motivate and inspire individuals especially trans masculine people to enhance their quality of life by uplifting and promoting unity within the community. The Brothers of Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Incorporated strive to have a positive, lasting impact on society as a whole and bring visibility to our trans masculine community.