Young Conservative Jonathan Krohn Politically Evolves

Remember Jonathan Krohn, the then 14 year old hailed by the conservafool movement as their future? 

Back in 2009 when he spoke at their signature CPAC event the author of two books said, “I believe that a conservative has a belief system based on four basic
principles: Respect for the Constitution, respect for life, less
government and personal responsibility.”

While the conservafool blogosphere and Fox Noise rubbed it in our faces that he was the future of their movement, we liberals shrugged and confidently predicted that when young Krohn was exposed to more enlightened thinking and something other than the 24 hour right wing talk radio in his native Georgia, he would evolve politically 

Well, he’s now 17 years old and on his way to New York University to study philosophy and film.   Krohn has politically evolved to where he isn’t a conservafool any more to the right wing’s chagrin. (snicker, snicker)

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Krohn since his conversion to the children of light has been interviewed by Politico, on MSNBC’s The Last Word and Hardball.  He said in the Politico interview last week said he now supports same-sex marriage, supports the Affordable
Care Act and would vote for President Obama this year if he were old
enough to vote.

“I don’t think I had all the answers then. I don’t think I have all the
answers now,” he explained to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on why he
ditched his social conservative ideas. “I just feel that it was really
naive of me to think I knew everything then and not open my mind to the
possibilities of other things being correct.”

No Jonathan, neither, you, I or any liberal progressive has all the answers for the problems that ail us. 

What we liberal progressives do have is the moral high ground because we care about people and their human rights over unfettered corporate power and profits.  We also have proven policies that have worked since the New Deal to lift all boats to prosperity, intelligent creative ideas that build a solid middle class and the desire and determination to advance human rights for all and make this a better country than the way we found it.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that when all conservatives have to offer is a Massive Resistance 2.0 legislative strategy, propagandized lies, attack the poor and non-white Americans, thinly disguised white supremacist demagoguery and no ideas that benefit society outside of the rich white male 1%?

Oh well conservafools, I and others told you a long time ago you were on the wrong side of history (and especially the knee-grow variety)   .I can see why young people like Krohn once they turn off the Right Wing Noise Machine and critically think for themselves eventually come to the left side of the political force.    

And predictably, the spurned right wingers are now turning like rabid dogs on Krohn.  But that still won’t stop his politcal evolution, much less the political evolution of any youngling who critcally thinks. 

Welcome to our liberal progressive ranks, Jonathan, we’re glad to have you.

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