You Should Have Left Us Alone

TransGriot Note: A guest post from Rev. Yeshua Holiday.

It’s February 16 and already seven, possibly eight 8 trans women have been
murdered.  I know of numerous amounts of trans men that are assaulted and
abused within relationships. I don’t understand what the hell is wrong
with people.

We are not here for your amusement or to be used as
punching bags to take out the crap about your family and/or your life you
haven’t come to terms with. We are spiritual beings, just like you,
having a human experience. We are here to finally live our lives as our
true selves. We are not here to harm you, though it’s getting to a point
where we might have to. We aren’t here to make you be in a relationship
with us. We just want to be loved and yes sexed like everyone else (just
being honest).

If you aren’t interested then just say so, but don’t get
your rocks off and afterwards beat the crap out of or murder us
because now you feel some sort of way about what you just did and
you enjoyed it.

As for you assholes who murder us because the preacher in the pulpit
basically told you to, let him/her do it since they have such a problem with us .
Stop being their arms and legs, they aren’t God. And trust me, God
doesn’t want you doing what those assholes are telling you. God wants us
to accept and love one another. That is what we are here for.

know my life is worth something because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.
The same goes for every other being that is born. When you decide to
take another person’s life you deciding that God was wrong in giving
that person life and that is not your place.

Many of you committing
these murders call yourselves Christians. I don’t think any of you even
understand what it really means to be who you say you are. If you did
you would stop following these folks out here spreading hate, from
inside what is suppose to be God’s house.

Also, all you LGB folks
that think marriage equality is more important than us being murdered or
beat up in a daily, you can kiss my…

I’m probably rambling because I’m really upset right now.
I know is, despite your attempts to scare us, slow us down or shut us
down we are still here. We are going to be victorious because all you
are really doing is pissing us off and that isn’t good for

We are coming to kick ass and we aren’t taking numbers or hostages.  We
are coming spiritually and we are coming radically. We will be the ones
knocking on your door real soon.

Don’t be sorry then because it’s going
to be too late.

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