You Mad Because You’re Attracted To A Trans Woman?

One of the things I’m more than a little sick of is the meme floating around the Net denying the femininity and humanity of trans feminine women.  My sis Raquel Willis was sick of it too and tweeted that meme to counter a transphobic one that was floating around.

Just an FYI cis boys (and cis girls), trans women are women.  That’s a far too simple concept for you to grasp.

As women, we not only come in all shapes, sizes and skin tones, some of us were blessed to have the right combinations of genetic material that also make us attractive to people who like attractive feminine bodies.  Some of u spent the extra cash to surgically enhance our bodies to get them where we wanted them in order to hake ourselves happy.

And if by doing so, we became more aesthetically pleasing to you, that’s a bonus.

And if some of you transphobes are bothered by that last statement, too damned bad if you are.  Don’t get mad if you saw a pic of a trans woman, you said to yourself “Damn she’s fine!” and in response your junk starts stiffening as you ogle her picture.

Yeah, we know it happens.  Some of y’all are hitting those trans porn sites on the regular to see what my pre and non op sisters may or may not have in their panties, so don’t even front.

Once again, a trans woman is a woman. If you are attracted to femininity, you are going to react to an attractive trans woman just as you would a cis woman, especially if you aren’t prejudiced by knowing the trans woman’s background before you scope out her pictures.

And not all of us are over 6 feet tall.  I repeat, just like cis women, we come in all shapes, sizes and body configurations, and I know more than a few trans women who are petite size 8 shoe wearing divas.

I ain’t mad or jealous of my trans sisters who were blessed with that combination of traits that make them attractive to the male species.  Neither should you cis he-men be hating on that trans women either to the point that you wish to inflict unhinged levels of violence upon her..

So don’t get mad if you’re attracted to a trans woman.  If you actually take the time to get to know some of us, you’ll find that many of us are smart, sexy, talented and make great friends.

And if you allow yourself to do so, you may even find yourself if you open your heart to doing so, taking her home to meet your family or eventually putting a ring on her finger.

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