You Lost, Scalia’s Gone, And President Obama Gets To Pick His Replacement

I am laughing my azz off at the ridiculous comments and excuses coming from the Republicans in the wake of the unexpected death last weekend of Supreme Court (In) Justice Antonin Scalia.

His death shifts the balance of Supreme Court power once President Obama makes his selection to the liberal-progressives on the court, which has sent the GOP and the conservative movement into a foaming at the mouth frenzy trying to come up with excuses to keep from doing their job and holding confirmation hearings to avoid filling that critical SCOTUS seat.  

One of the WTF suggestions from Conservaworld was that President Obama appoint a conservative justice in the Scalia mode. Naw conservaplayer, that ain’t how this works, so let Moni break it down for you.

There was an election in 2012 that youconservafools lost when President Obama was reelected.  The POTUS, because there is a vacancy on the SCOTUS in the wake of Scalia’s death and he has another 340 days left in his second term, under Article II, Section 2 of our Constitution has the right and the duty to selecthis successor.  

Marshall assumed his Supreme Court seat in 1967. (AP)I recall when Thurgood Marshall retired from his Supreme Court seat in 1991 and died two years later he wasn’t replaced with another liberal SCOTUS jurist by George HW Bush, he was replaced by Uncle Thomas.

That was the consequence of the Democrats losing the 1988 presidential election.

So what if this is an election year?   No excuses GOP.  Anthony Kennedy, who is now the longest serving jurist on the SCOTUS was appointed by Reagan in November 1987 and confirmed on February 3,1988.

I do seem to recall a presidential election was held a mere nine months later.

As y’all probably guessed, I am deliriously happy that the SCOTUS is on the verge of flipping to liberal-progressive control and that President Obama will deliciously replace that dearly departed judicial bigot Scalia.

More importantly, President Obama’s SCOTUS justice pick will shift the balance of power on the Supreme Court back to decency. fair interpretations of our laws, justice and not the WTF conservafool partisan excesses we’ve seen under the Rehnquist and Roberts conservative leaning courts.

And not only is America watching, so is the world.

You lost, Scalia’s gone, we need a SCOTUS justice to replace him, and President Obama is chilling in the Oval Office waiting to select the next one. 

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