You Just Proved My Point, Gays For Trump Conservafool

Little did I know when I wrote my innocent tweet that it would start a Twitter dragging in which myself, Alvin McEwen of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters went in on this fool Peter Boykin,the head of Gays For Trump, with another gay conservafool jumping in to dig the hole even deeper for themselves.

Note the racist response to the original tweet.

As James Baldwin pointed out in a 1984 Village Voice interview,  the gay world is no more prepared to accept Black people than anywhere else in society.  We as also painfully aware of the fact that in elements of GLBTQ world, there are folks who are part of this community who can be just as racist, biphobic, transphobic, sexist, misogynist, homophobic as their cis straight counterparts.

When they combine that willful cluelessness with swimming in white privilege, they come off as even more douchebaggy.   Being part of the LGBTQ community doesn’t change the fact that you by dint of your white skin have more privilege than any POC member of the community ever will.  

One of the ridiculous comments Boykin deployed early in the thread was holding up his biracial boyfriend as ‘evidence’ he wasn’t racist, even though he’d already demonstrated it by the racist meme he aimed at me in addition to being the president of the Gays For Trump, and making the statement in favor of continued NC discrimination aimed at transgender people which is why I wrote the Twitter comment aimed at him and other like minded gay and lesbians in the first place.  

And your point in doing so?   Strom Thurmond had a Black daughter, but that still didn’t stop him from being a lifelong segregationist and fighting mightily until he died to oppress her and her people.

Ann Coulter is dating Jimmie Walker.   Dating a non white person is not a get out of jail free pass to keep you from getting dragged for your casual racism .

But all your facts free ranting did was prove my point that some of you white gays and lesbians are not only bigger human rights oppressors than the GOP, you are gleefully participating in pushing unjust legislation for whatever self hating reason.

6/7/15 – Tommy Sotomayor The Black Woman Hatin Sellout Explains His Self Hatred!

And once again, if you voted for Trump, especiallyif you’re trans, you are a sellout to this community who voted for your own oppression.   When the GOP is done messing with trans folks, they will be coming to repeal your rights including your hard won ability to get married. .

Your pink sheets are showing, so don’t get mad when the people who that unjust legislation is being aimed at call you on your crap.


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