Yollada Getting Drama Already

TransGriot Note: Thanks to my friend Robert Ganshorn in Thailand for sending me the link to the Bangkok Post story.

I posted the story about 30 year old Yollada Suanyot getting elected to the regional provincial organization in her home province of Nan back in May and beating several better funded male candidates to do so.

That May 27 election victory made her the highest ranking trans politician in Thailand and would you be surprised or shocked to discover that drama has already started about her tenure on the council?

Believe it or not, the controversy is over the fact she wore a female uniform to her first meeting

Really?  Um, hello people.  According to the story Yollada had SRS at 16, has presented and lived as a female for half her life and wears feminine clothing on a regular basis despite the male name on her ID that the Thai government won’t change to reflect who she is now.       

And this snippet of the caption underneath the picture accompanying the Bangkok Post article was a trip as well.

Critics say it is against the rules for anyone who is not a natural-born woman to wear a female official uniform.

What rules?   And there’s that ‘natural-born woman’ bull feces again.  Where is it written that Yollada, much less any trans woman can’t wear a female uniform if they are and present themselves in their everyday lives as female?

I’d be willing to bet a few bahts some of those ‘internet critics’ are the sore loser male politicians she beat to get on the NAO in the first place..

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