Yes Ben Hall, You ARE A Hater

I guess some people in the Ben Hall camp have been reading my blog, because the Ben Hall campaign just put out a weak as wellwater spin filled statement denying that he’s hating on the Houston LGBT community.

Let’s look at the empirical evidence, shall we Mr. Hall?  

You don’t support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance because of two of the 15 categories it covers in sexual orientation and gender identity, and have doubled down on that position at community forums such as the Harris County Democratic Party’s Brown bag luncheon.

You went on KUHF-FM’s Houston Matters on October 28, 2013and expressed your opposition to our community with a homophobic caller..  You refused to come to the Houston Stonewall Democrats or the Houston LGBT caucus endorsement meetings.

You signed the Dave Wilson inspired anti-trans petition designed to enshrine anti-trans bigotry into the Houston City Charter and gut the HERO.

And FYI, if your anti-HERO side were so keen on getting the HERO on the ballot and ‘letting the people vote’, why do we keep busting y’all forging signatures on petitions and trying to skirt Texas election law by any means necessary in doing so?

Besides, we already had a vote on the HERO, and it was in the 2013 mayoral election.  It was a campaign issue asked of all candidates, including you running in that cycle, and by the people we put in the mayor’s chair and on council as a result of that election, the people of Houston signaled their desire to have a local human rights law to cover them.

As for your declaration in that statement from your campaign that you are a Christian, well dude, so am I along with many people in the Houston LGBT community.    But the God I serve and the values I have that are informed by my Kingian style faith compel me to fight for the human rights of all people.

That seems to be a lesson that you and your right wing Bible scripture twisting hypocritical friends somehow forgot in your quests for power..

Don’t get mad at me, bloggers and activists inside and outside the bi, trans and SGL community, or anybody else for doing our jobs and calling your butt out.   It would  be civil rights malpractice if we didn’t warn the people in our community and our allies about your problematic HERO stances and questionable comments about TBLG people. 

If you keep lying down with the homophobic conservadogs, you keep getting bitten by their fleas, and we in LGBT Houston will justifiably call your behind out about it. 

You seem to keep forgetting that SGL, trans and bi Houstonians also reside inside the 628 sq. miles of Texas turf we call home   And as you found out in 2013 when Mayor Parker thumped you by 30 points and will discover again in four months on November 3, we vote..

We also see the only people being ‘divisive’ in this cycle are you and your pastoral friends.

Representing ALL Houstonians, Mr. Hall, means representing the interests of TBLG Houstonians. While there may be some issues we agree on like mass transit and possibly others, the non-negotiable condition that our political support for your campaign will hinge on is whether you do or do not support the current LGBT inclusive HERO, and if elected, will you defend it?

Seems like the answer to both those questions is NO.   You have spectacularly failed to demonstrate ever since your 2013 campaign to our community that you are the person for that important human rights job while making some problematic statements along the way

By their fruits ye shall know them, and the fruits we have seen fall from your tree so far in this and the previous 2013 campaign have been homophobic and transphobic ones.

TransGriot Update:  Ben Hall is doubling down on the anti-LGBT hate in his play for the Houston bigot vote.  Had a press conference at 1:30 PM today (July 23) to once again call for enshrining anti-trans hate in the Houston city charter.  

Really, fool?  When we are dealing with the Sandra Bland case just up the road in Waller County, you choice in your #BenHallForSome campaign is to gaybait and use the same debunked likes to demonize trans Houstonians for your political purposes?

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