WTF Staten Island Grand Jury?

What the frack is wrong with the individuals who sat on the grand jury in Staten Island?   What the hell did you not see in the murder by po-po, yes, murder of Eric Garner?

As I was jetting to New York, a grand jury was making the mind blowing decision to not charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo with murder after he applied an illegal choke hold on Garner, and the coroner stated in his report that this was the cause of death

That decision triggered a series of peaceful protests that resulted in the shutdown of the West Side Highway, a die-in at Grand Central Station and other protests that are still happening as I.type this.

So what the hell does it take to get a predominately white grand jury to indict a white cop accused of killing an unarmed Black man?

Does it take videotape?  It didn’t sway the grand jurors in this case.  Will it take sweeping changes in police policies and procedures?  Been there, done than, and Black men are still dying.

And Rudy Guiliani, instead of you flapping your loud and wrong lips and saying jacked up racistly insensitive stuff like “Black people need to stop making White police officers shoot them,” how about we flip that comment and White officers stop shooting unarmed Black people?

Tell me and Black America what will it take for white people to see that Black lives matter, we are not always suspects, and the po-po’s aren’t always right?

And what will it take to get white people serving on grand juries and juries to not only indict a white police officer, but convict them for killing an unarmed Black person?.

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