Worst President Ever Reality Check Time

It amuses me when the ‘white’-wing frothing at the mouth haters of President Obama call him the ‘worst ever’ (yeah, right) when those of us in reality based world know that the title of ‘Worst POTUS Ever’ belongs to the previous occupant of the Oval Office.hands down.

Sadly, there were some people on theleft side of the political divide (or claiming they were) spouting that bull feces as well but he record speaks otherwise.

President Obama’s record is quite impressive considering that he has faced Massive Resistance 2.0 ever since January 20, 2009 and is cleaning up Dubya’s messes on foreign policy, the economy and resoring our tarnished world image.

And may I remind you conservafools which POTUS got Osama Bin Laden and saved the auto industry. .

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