Will SD Gov. Dennis Daugaard Be A Human Rights Hero Or Zero Today?

Today South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard (R) has a decision to make in regards to the unjust HB 1008 that targets transgender kids in the Mount Rushmore state for oppression.

Today is the deadline for him to act on this unjust bill.  He can either be a human rights hero and veto the bill, or he can go down in history as a human rights oppressor and sign it.   He can also take the coward’s way out and decline to sign the bill, which because it is March 1, would become law without his signature.

My money is on him doing the cowardly thing and letting the bill become law without his signature. You know I have zero confidence in any Republican doing the right thing for any marginalized groups when it comes to the human rights of people that aren’t conservative white males.

Hope he shocks me, but we’ll see what happens today.

TransGriot Update:  Gov Daugaard has VETOED HB 1008

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