Will Houston LGBT History Be Made Tonight?

The Houston GLBT Political Caucus was founded in 1975 and calls itself the South’s oldest LGBT political organization.  It is one in which if you lean liberal progressive in your politics, the Caucus endorsement is a highly sought after and fought over endorsement in local races.

The caucus endorsement is so highly prized there are people who are still upset they failed to get it.

The Caucus is also an organization that has had serve as its president former mayor Annise Parker and former Houston City Councilmember Sue Lovell among other storied names in our Houston LGBT community ranks.

At tonight’s Houston GLBT Caucus meeting history may be made tonight as Maverick Welsh’s term as Caucus president ends and his replacement is selected.

The person that people are considering as a leading candidate for the position is attorney Fran Watson.  Fran currently serves on the Caucus board, has had increasing visibility and a front line presence in H-town activist circles,  is involved in other Houston human rights issues including HERO, and is a thoughtful leader who would be amazing in that role.  If she’s elected, she would become the first African-American woman to head the organization.    

We’ll find out at 7 PM at the Caucus Meeting tonight at the Montrose Center if that history is made.

TransGriot Update:  Yep, it was.  Congrats, Fran!  

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