Why Y’all Tripping About This Crucifixion Actor, Brazil?

According to Brazilian news outlet O Globo, Beleboni appeared crucified on a parade float in order to call attention to what LGBT people suffer in Brazil, drawing parallels to Jesus' suffering on the cross.Brazil is a nation that has some interesting contrasts and contradictions when it comes to its trans citizens.

It has a medical system that coves trans procedures including genital surgery, but doesn’t protect their human rights nationally.  You see trans models in publications and on catwalks during Rio Fashion Week, but ordinary trans Brazilian citizens are brutalized and murdered.

To highlight those contradictions, trans actress Viviany Beleboni for a gay pride event that happened in Sao Paulo on June 7 asked special effects makeup artist Dennis Dal Ballo to do makeup simulating Jesus Christ’s crucifixion wounds before she climbed aboard a parade floatwith a sign above her head saying ‘Enough of Homophobia’ .She said the crucifixion wounds symbolized the persecution and suffering Brazilian LGBT people suffer.

File:Map of Brazil with flag.svgWhile Beleboni and others saw it as a free speech issue, prominent local pastor Marco Feliciano had a problem with it, claiming it ‘went too far’

The LGBT groups in Brazil said otherwise, and backed up Beleboni with Facebook pages supporting her parade appearance and her right to do so in light of the fact that Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar and other have appeared in photos showing them as crucified without comment from Brazilian religious leaders

So this round goes to Ms Beleboni and the Brazilian TBLG community.

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