Why Y’all Shocked Violence Happened At A Trump Rally?

I was paying attention Friday night when well organized protesters shut down a Donald Trump Chicago rally that was on the campus on the University of Illinois-Chicago campus.

Frankly I wasn’t shocked it happened and I’ve been surprised a racially charged outburst hasn’t happened sooner..

Donald trump has been race baiting for several months at his Tea Klux Klan rallies, the white dominated media was silent or in FOX Noise’s case, deliberately obtuse about what was blatantly obvious to any person of color in this country, and you’re shocked that the people you’re race baiting weren’t going to do something about it?

And on top of that, you actually thought that you would be able to do you’re usual racist campaign shtick at an arena smack dab in the middle of the ethnically diverse South Side?

And yeah, here’s Rachel Maddow laying out the escalating Trump race baiting over several campaign events.

Trump and the Republican Party tried to spin this as his free speech being messed with.  Both Trump and the GOP conveniently neglected to mention that the protesters were also expressing their First Amendment free speech rights to protest his ongoing race-baiting..

But the bottom line is this racial tension in the USA didn’t just happen.  The Republican Party has been race baiting their way to political power since the Dixiecrats migrated to the GOP in the late 1960’s as the Democrats embrace passing civil rights legislation.  You have also engaged in an ongoing campaign of massive resistance aimed at President Obama.

So nope, not shocked at what happened in Chicago last Friday.

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