Why U Mad Because Moi and Other Black People Aren’t Supporting Bernie?

Ever since I put up that February 16 post announcing that I was supporting Sec. Clinton in the Democratic primary, like anyone else who is #NotFeelingTheBern, I’ve ended up blocking 10 people (and counting), had my cognitive abilities attacked by rabid Sanders supporters, and had comment threads n my FB page inundated at times with facts free anti-Hillary articles mixed with insults aimed at moi.

Not a smart move, people.  Never mind the fact that I pointed out in the original Clinton support article I wrote that I was moved from neutral to supporting Clinton because of the initial red flag of Sen. Sanders being supported by Cornel West, and my disgust at a civil rights icon like Rep. John Lewis being disrespectfully attacked.

Bernie Sanders has failed to make the case to me and a wide variety of Black voters, including ones from the trans, bi and SGL community as to why we should support him over a longtime Democrat in Sec. Clinton that we have seen repeatedly take the best punches the right wing can throw at her and is still standing.  

And the Republicans are ‘scurred’ to face her in a general election, which is why they have attacked her nonstop.   They know she came agonizingly close to winning the Democratic nomination in 2008 and made them look like fools in the Benghazi hearings last year..

They aren’t scared of Sanders and are eager to yell SOCIALIST! at him from now until November, but are just holding their fire on him for now until we finish our Democratic nomination business.  

Many of us who support Clinton have serious doubts in this critical 2016 election cycle that Sen. Sanders can withstand the negativity onslaught that he would get from the GOP if he was the nominee, and that electability question matters.

Something else that matters is the fact that Hillary has been a Democrat since 1972 and is the most qualified candidate ever for the presidency, especially when it comes to foreign policy..

When did Sanders join my party again?

Trans United for Hillary's Profile Photo

And now, in the wake of yesterday’s launch of the Trans United For Hillary page, I’m seeing trans Bernie supporters attack people that I know and respect as ‘corporate sellouts’?


Bottom line is you can support whoever you wish in this primary.  You can even attempt to continue to state your case as to why you feel Sen. Sanders is the better candidate.  But do it with facts, not insults I’ve repeatedly seen and heard about her in my lifetime from right wing idiots on FOX Noise and will elicit nothing but an eye roll from me and swift deletion from my page.

I’m tired of anti-Hillary people trying to paint her as a ‘Republican’ or worse than Ann Coulter when the facts don’t bear that allegation out.

At the same time, these people who are demonizing her are trying to hold up Bernie Sanders as some kind of political messiah when he has flaws and problematic policy positions just like Sec, Clinton does.

Moi expressing my First Amendment free speech rights to call you on your loud and wrong attacks on Sec. Clinton, pointing out the fact your candidate supported the same legislation you’re excoriating her on, or expressing the fact Sen. Sanders’ failure to get Black voters support is going to cost him dearly tomorrow in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday is not ‘bullying’, it’s telling it like it T-I-S is.

Funny y’all don’t seem to mind when I’m calling people out on BS any other time, but now that I’m doing my job and turning my inquiring mind toward pointing out his overwhelmingly white millennial support, asking valid questions about questionable stances your candidate needs to answer or asking you to come up with reasons why you support Sanders instead of  ‘because I hate Hillary’, y’all wanna hate.

“She’s a liar” isn’t going to cut it with me and any other person who bases their decisions on what candidates they support with logic and reason combined with their life experiences, or who may still be trying to figure out who to vote for in the Democratic primary

The bottom line for me is I want the Democratic candidate to win on November 8, and I want my party to get control of Congress back, starting with a Senate we are only four seats from getting out of the clutches of Mitch McConnell.

So don’t hate because me and other people aren’t feeling the Bern in this primary election season, and we’re with her.

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