Why Trans Murders Are Happening

Image may contain: Monica Roberts, smiling, possible text that says 'TRANSGENDER KILLINGS DUSTIN STIN JAMES PA PARKER, ARKER. 25, MAY BE FIRST TRANS PERSON MURDERED IN 2020 IN U.S. LIVE MSNBC 1:26PMCT'

As some of you were aware of, I made my MSNBC pundit debut on January 5 to talk about (briefly) transgender murders and why they are happening.

It a subject that deserves more than the three minutes it got on MSNBC Live.

I wanted to make these points, and give examples backing them up./

*The anti-trans murders are predominately intimate partner violence.
*They are happening because of anti-trans rhetoric being spread by the Republican Party, TERFs,  evilgelicals and orgs like the Heritage Foundation
*That anti-trans rhetoric is also being spread by pop culture figures like JK Rowling and Dave Chappelle
*Conservative media is also playing a role in spreading the anti-trans rhetoric that results in our murders.
*The Southern Baptist church and the Roman Catholic Church are also responsible for spreading anti-trans rhetoric from their pulpits.

Since i didn’t get enough time to explain them during MSNBC Live, it’ll have to wait until i get to Creating Change 2020 in Dallas next week.

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