Why Texas’ SB 6 Is An Unjust Law

Lois W. Kolkhorst

You have probably heard a lot about SB 6, the so called Women’s Privacy and Business Protection Act sponsored by Sen Lois Kolkhorst at the behest of Lt Governor Dan Transphobe Patrick that I call the Texas Transgender Oppression Act.

The reprehensible clone of North Carolina’s HB 2 was recently introduced by Kolkhorst and Patrick to oppress Texas trans people and use them as a vehicle to strip the ability of Texas cities to write human rights laws that protect their citizens.  

I have called SB 6 an unjust law, and here ate the reasons why I am adamant about that and will continue to do so until it is dead.

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We have as of this time and in this 85th Texas legislative session no out trans people who are elected representatives in the Texas House or the Texas Senate where this bill is originating  

SB 6 was specifically compiled to dehumanize, denigrate and oppress a group of Texans in transgender people that the Republicans have committed to in their party platform to oppress.

SB 6 was compiled with no input from the Texas transgender community, and they have ignored our pleas for them not to do so.

SB 6 because it punitively attacks a minority group, is a law that degrades the personalities of Texas transgender people and does not uplift their humanity, and that makes it in Kingian terms, unjust.

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SB 6, by forcing trans people to use locker rooms and bathrooms that don’t match their gender presentation as a way to dehumanize them and subject them to further societal abuse and possible anti-trans violence, is also unjust because it takes away an individual’s or a group’s freedom, causes real harm to transgender Texans and causes chaos instead of harmony 

SB 6 is unjust because frankly, would Sen Kolkhorst obey her law and go to the men’s room when she presents and lives in society as a female?   If you Senator, are not willing to do what you are attempting to compel Texas transgender women to do, then your proposed law is unjust

SB 6 is an unjust law that would, as already has been proven in North Carolina, cause economic harm, negative tension, damage its tourism industry, and dehumanize transgender people

SB 6 by multiple measures is not only an unjust law, but it must die in this session and never again be brought up for consideration.

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