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If you regular readers have noticed, I haven’t been posting much on TransGriot lately for a good reason.  Life got in the way for the last two months

I had to find a new place to live at the end of May, and I hate moving to the point where the thought of it literally depresses and overwhelms me.  But knowing I had to handle my moving business combined with Dee Dee Watters gently nudging this Taurus into action got me out of it and on task.

I spent much of the month of June searching for a new place.  I finally found one with the help of an apartment locator I liked, signed the lease and moved on July 6. 

While searching for that new Casa Moni, it necessitated me moving around a lot during the month of June while engaged in that apartment search.  I was trying to find a place that fit my budget and my move parameters of being near public transportation and not near a known Houston flood zone.

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The luxury apartments have been springing up like weeds over the last few years all over the Houston area and especially inside Loop 610 were not on my list at this time.

I would have rather found a spot inside the Loop, but those peeps frantically building the luxury units seem to have forgotten that many people  can’t afford to spend $1000-$1500 a month or more for a one bedroom place no matter how many mind blowing amenities are crammed into these inside the Loop units in prime locations.

It’s also seems to be a primal reaction that when you have instability in your housing situation, nothing else matters until you get that satisfactorily resolved, and that’s the headspace I’ve been in since late May.

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So while I was looking outside the Loop and in some cases Beltway 8 for a new place, two different Galleria area Air BnB’s were my temporary homes.  I also ended up in two westside hotels when a glitch developed with the start of my electric service that kept me from moving into my new place on July 1. 

One of the moves to a hotel happened mere hours after I returned to Houston from the BTAC Leadership Institute in New Orleans.

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So yep, been dealing with life throwing curveballs at me for the last month.   While I was blessed to be able to have people looking out for me and be able to stay in a Air BnB while looking for a new spot, I was well aware of other people who may not have been so fortunate, and I’m profoundly thankful for that blessing. 

And while I was in the second Air BnB, discovered a wonderful seafood place across the street from while I was staying at the one on Fountain View.

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Once I finally moved into my new place in Houston’s Westchase area, it was not only getting acclimated to a new neighborhood, but moving stuff from my storage space  near downtown Houston.   That is a task I’m still trying to complete as of this writing.  It was choosing an electric company, then setting up electric service.   Same for which cable service I would be watching in my new place.

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I had help from many people along the way.  From the Houston community peeps who helped me move stuff out of my storage space to everyone here and around the country who bought me housewarming giftson my registry I have put to good use.   A few even dropped some change on my PayPal to help me with moving expenses.

I thank you all for what you have done (and continue to do) to help a sister out.

Now that I have a 14 month lease on this place, I can put down some roots and go back to focusing on giving TransGriot the attention it deserves and engaging in some activist stuff.

Frankly, moving every six months as I have been doing since October 2014 was getting frustrating, and contributing to my reluctance to get involved in more community actions .   I’m also looking forward to meeting my neighbors and exploring this new neighborhood.

So if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been publishing on my usual daily schedule, now you know.   Life got in the way.

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