Why Do People Have A Problem With Trailblazing Black Female Athletes?

I recently had to troll nuke a random fool who wandered over to my blog throwing ‘That’s A Man’ shade at Brittney Griner.   But in the process of compiling that post, it got me pondering the question of why people are so threatened by trailblazing African-American female athletes?

In Brittney’s case, I suspect that some of it is pure jealousy.  Some of the men throwing this shade can’t hit a free throw much less dunk a basketball.   I also believe the ‘unwoman’ meme is also playing a role in this along with femininity policing.  

She is 6’8″, but is also redefining how the women’s game is played and even coached.   Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey noted during a recent interview that she had to ask several male coaches how to work with an athlete her size since people with Brittney’s skill set and physical gifts are rare in the women’s game.   

But yeah, I’m tired of the misgendering insults thrown at her. 

When Florence Griffith-Joyner was dominating the track world in the late 80’s with her combination of blazing speed and off the charts glamour, not long after she began lowering the women’s 100m and 200m world records in times that still haven’t been touched, much less threatened by current female sprinters, critics were accusing her of either taking steroids or claiming she ‘ran like a man’ .

It didn’t occur to them that she also busted her butt in practice

honing her skills in order to run those times that garnered her Olympic  medals.

Despite the fact she never failed a post race drug test, the accusations dogged her to the point that when she unexpectedly passed away in 1999 due to an epileptic seizure her family asked for an autopsy probably to shut up the critics.

That autopsy revealed no evidence of steroid usage.

My favorite tennis playing siblings, Venus and Serena Williams have their share of detractors as well but keep piling up the major tournament wins and Number one rankings despite the transphobic shade and racist epithets being hurled at them as well.

Oh yeah, Serena won the Family Circle title yesterday in Charleston, SC against another one of those Eastern European tennis Amazons in straight sets 6-0, 6-1.    .

And Williams haters, she not only looked good in dominating Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic, just a reminder the French Open is next month followed by Wimbledon and the Olympics.

And BTW, the Olympic tennis venue is Willaims-don AKA the All England Lawn Tennis And Croquet Club.

So I ask the question once again.   Why do people have a problem with trailblazing Black female athletes?

It doesn’t matter if your white sheets are showing .  Despite your jealousy and Hateraid you’re sipping from 55 gallon drums, they will confidently continue to excel and in many cases look good doing it.

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