Whose Fault Is It Trump Got Elected?

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I’ve always loved Toni D’orsay’s no punches pulled commentary on just about any subject, and miss her Dyssonance blog.

Well, she’s baaack.  This is a post from her Facebook page that needs to be signal boosted concerning her take on the 2016 election.


So ya’ll know that the Turdblossom’s supporters are bad at being people.

However, it isn’t their fault that he was elected.

It is the fault of the Green Party, and The Democratic Party, and the people who didn’t vote because they thought it was a done deal or out of protest about how bad the choices were.

They are the ones at fault. Like me. Although I did vote.

They hold the blame because, for one, these groups tend to not give a fuck about congressional races, and never really do much about local races outside of mayor, maybe governor once in a blue moon in a blue state.

You see, those people – and especially the ones that chose not to vote – are responsible for this.

This being an election where where two and a half people get to dictate the rules for the other ten.

Torn over which little step at a fucking time to take, ignoring the basic need to control the Congress and Legislatures as a matter of simple fact, the idea that one party is just as bad as the other (oh, and fuck you for thinking that, by the way, painfully and with lasting discomfort), the bullshit that says well, now we have to work with the overwhelmingly shitty folks on the other side because (reality check) we didn’t elect enough or even run in many cases someone on our side.

That means you. This mess is your fault. This mess is my fault, even though I have been saying this for years because (reality check) this is how the folks on the other side did it.

Think on this, real quick:

What would Obama have accomplished had he not had to deal with six years of racist fucks?

An equal rights Amendment could be passed easily in dem controlled legislatures and a congress. A real tax plan that shuts down the fuckers about to rape our nation and make for a better country. Even a basic income for everyone and free collegiate education.

You fucked that up. Not them — they did what they wanted to do. And there aren’t as many of them.

It would be easy to do, but will take a decade now. Starting with two simple steps:

First, you start attending your local precinct meetings for the Dems. Every single month, like clockwork.

Bonus in that if you are single: cheap, interesting way to meet people. It’s like Church, without God looking over your shoulder.

Second, you work your ass off to make sure that in 2018 that a majority or parity of Dems (yes, Dems, not greens, not libertarians, not whatever the fuck else) get into office in the Legislatures and in Congress in 2018.

If you have bitched about redistricting, keep in mind, that the 2018 and 2020 elections are the ones that will determine it. Just as the 2008 elections were.

This is so fucking important: there is no real leader right now in the Dems. Not Bernie, not Hillary, not Rahm, not Warren, none of them.

Not a single fuckin one of them.

New people. People of color and women and LGBT people and disabled folks and, well, you damn well better get the idea that white people and men are not the best choice here.

Fucking draft them if you have to. Except me. I would rather be chief of staff or something. Bad teeth.

Find them. Elect them. Make them understand that now we are going for the whole enchilada, the big fucking dream, and punch it.

Single payer. Minimum income. Free college. Minimum and Maximum wage. Yes, higher taxes. Sorry, don’t be a fucking shitlord, taxes, and no damned deductions for incomes in the top 40%. Ironclad national rights and the power to prosecute.

You want that? In your lifetimes? Then you better fucking fight for it now.

Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t like higher taxes but like the rest? Deal. That is how you kill classism really fucking fast. Don’t like trans rights? Deal: that is how you get out of those student loans,

Want to save the environment, combat climate changes worst effects ( um, in case you didn’t realize, this election just tipped the scales so far it is over )? This is how.

This really is the only way, as well. Because we have tried it the rest of the way.

Get voters out. To do that, promise them what they want.

And remember that the single largest population curve in US history is hitting voting age.

This is what they care about.

Trust me, white folks in flyover country will like it because it gives them what they want: money in pocket.

They will be politically correct once this 4 years is up.

And then we can do shit like fine folks who run for office and lie.

There is no other real way that doesn’t involve giving those who hate the rest of us what they want.

Oh, and, yeah, I will run if I get my teeth fixed. F**k yeah.

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