Who’s The Real Danger To Society?

So tell me Republicans and all you enablers making excuses for these anti-trans laws?

Who are the real danger to society?   Survey says it’s you ‘christian’ white male Republicans who are the dangers to women in bathrooms, schools and churches.

Think I’m kidding about that?  There was the glaring example in Houston of a youth minister Chad Foster, who is now doing five years in prison for sexual assault and online solicitation of a minor. .

There also the example of the former music director of a Christian radio station in Ohio taking the laying on of hands to another perverted level. and he wasn’t in drag when he did so.

So nope, the evidence clearly shows it is white male Republicans who are the real danger to society, and not the trans women they demonized for their nefarious political purposes.

And we’re more than a little sick of that in TransWorld..

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