Whoopi Calls Out The Duggar Hypocrisy On ‘The View’

Gotta love it when hypocrisy is called out, and Whoopi Goldberg did so on The View Thursday in the wake of the Duggars jacked up exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly on FOX Noise trying to conservasplain their son Josh being a pedophile to five girls, four of their own daughters, and them covering it up.

“You brought God up, so it makes it OK to say this,” Goldberg said of
the Duggar patriarch pleading for forgiveness for his oldest son.
“You’re not forgiving of people. You’re not forgiving of people who feel
differently than you.”

What also makes it odious is in the Duggar zeal to oppress TBLG people, Michelle Duggar bore false witness against trans people while recording a robocall used in a campaign to roll back a Fayetteville, AR nondiscrimination law, and then doubled down on the demonization of trans people during the Tuesday interview.

Go get ’em Whoopi.

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