Whoop! Texas A&M Student Senate Passes Inclusive Non-Discrimination Policy

My rainbow family at Texas A&M had a trial and tribulation filled 2010-11 school year in which they had to deal with homophobes in their student government, Texas GOP state legislator Wayne Christian (R-Center)trying to attach amendments to the state budget bill that sought to ban all LGBT centers on college campuses or eliminate their funding that had the backing of the Texas A&M Student Senate, and deafening silence from the TAMU administration as all of this drama was going on. 

But there was some good news coming out of College Station last night as the Texas
A&M Student Senate passed an inclusive non-discrimination policy that covers sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Whoop!   I guess the homophobic student senators either graduated or got booted out of office.

Congrats to my Aggie rainbow family, Andrew Jancaric and everyone who worked tirelessly to make that policy a reality.  As you, Lowell and other Aggies have consistently said and role modeledthrough your actions, hate is not an Aggie value.

Hopefully the knuckleheads on your beautiful campus who think it is will be reminded of that point if they attempt to ignore the new policy that makes it crystal clear.   

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