White Supremacists Start Crap With Armed FL Brother, Guess What Happens?


All Jehrardd Williams and Jorge Hernandez wanted to do back in January was just peacefully grab something to eat at a Fort Myers, FL Waffle House and go on their merry way when they were finished.

But three drunk white supremacists had other plans.   They walked into the Waffle House in question, decided to show their azzes and mess with Jehrardd and his friend.   Dakota Fields, uttered racial slurs at the men as they sat at the Waffle House counter attempting to finish their meal.

Then Robert Black approaches Williams and wants to shake their hands.  Really?   You are that delusional, drunk or both that you think I’d want to shake you hand after you just publicly insulted me? 

He manages to shake Hernandez’s hand, but when Williams justifiably declines to do so, Black punched Williams in the face, and subsequently finds out that he is messing with the wrong Black man, one who is packing a pistol.

Then as Black is probably peeing in his pants at his worst nightmare,  Dakota Field comes charging back into the restaurant to attack Williams unaware that he has a gun and gets three caps busted in him.

He and his homeboy them rush the mortally wounded Field our of the restaurant and to a waiting vehicle that while trying to find a hospital gets into an accident..  

Field was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and no charges were filed (surprise surprise) no charges were filed against Williams for Standing His Ground. 

Here’s the surveillance video of the incident.  TRIGGER WARNING for violence.

So what did we learn today white supremacist fools?  

*You white males are the violent people that society should be on guard against. 

*Black people own guns, and know how to properly use them in self defense.

*Don’t start none, won’t be none

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